Come and see the future live with ONdigital

24th September 1998

This week ONdigital is showing off at Live 98 at Earl's Court, giving thousands of visitors to the show the first chance to see live ONdigital test transmissions, being received on the stand on operational set-top boxes - on public show for the first time. And Lee Hurst and a team of top comics will entertain them at the ONdigital Comedy Club, on the stand.

The stand will lead visitors on a journey from the flickering grainy picture of the 1930s, through the first real growth in TV sales, at the time of the Queen's Coronation. It continues with the arrival of commercial television with ITV in 1955, colour TV in 1967, Channel 4 in 1982 and finally into the imminent world of digital TV.

A series of rooms take visitors through the decades to remind them of the evolution of TV, the programmes, the personalities, the technology.

And everything leads to ONdigital, the world's first digital pay television service via an aerial, the natural evolution of mainstream TV. The future of television here today. Working, now, at the show.

But there is much more than just history and technology on ONdigital's stand. Television is about entertainment. So is the ONdigital stand.

At the ONdigital Comedy club; Lee Hurst and other top comedians including Ben Norris, Rob Rouse, Stephen K Amos, John Moloney, Andre Vincent, Terry Alderton, Sean Meo and Simon Bligh are live, to amuse and entertain visitors to the stand. Performances will be twice an hour, on the hour and the half hour throughout the day with Lee Hurst on at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. But there is only one way to get in at the ONdigital stand.

And more, every visitor to the stand has the chance to win one of the Toshiba state of the art widescreen TVs or one of 20 miniature pocket TVs ONdigital is giving away every day at the show.

ONdigital, on air this autumn, offers the simplest way to receive digital pay TV - through a conventional TV aerial. No dish. No cable. Buy an integrated digital television or a set-top box, plug it in and watch. More choice from Britain's favourite broadcasters, better pictures, better sound and widescreen format.

ONdigital will offer the millions of people who have so far resisted pay TV the chance to have more choice, but not too much to cope with. Its exciting line up of channels, will include digital versions of BBC One, BBC Two, ITV (exclusive digitally to ONdigital), Channel 4 and Channel 5, as well as other new free channels, such as BBC Choice, BBC News 24 and ITV2 (exclusive to ONdigital). Pay TV channels will include entertainment, education, movies and sport from the top programme makers in Britain; UK-TV (BBC/Flextech), Carlton, Granada, Channel 4 and Sky.

ONdigital, simple, straightforward, entertaining, exciting and above all, great choice.