Anthony Sethill to leave ONdigital to return to manufacturing industry

15th October 1998

Anthony Sethill, commercial director of ONdigital, is to leave the company. He will be succeeded by Jim Ratcliffe of Granada Home Technology, whose appointment is announced separately today. Anthony will assist in the handover until 30 November.

Stephen Grabiner, chief executive of ONdigital, said: "Anthony has played a pivotal role in the setting up and launch of ONdigital. We could not have succeeded in getting to the point of being ready to launch the service on 15 November without him.

"He has decided that he now wishes to return to manufacturing industry. I want to thank him for the contribution he has made to bringing ONdigital from a plan to a reality. I wish him every success for the future."

Anthony Sethill said:

"It will be a wrench to leave ONdigital, but I am proud of what we have already achieved.
"When I came here, it was to see the project through to launch. I had always intended to move back into manufacturing when my work was done.
"I believe this is the right moment for me to make the move. I leave behind a dedicated and professional team. I wish them, and my successor, well. I know that ONdigital will be a tremendous success; I am glad to have been part of it."