Live, free cricket for ONdigital customers: India-Pakistan tests and one-day series captured

15th January 1999

ONdigital's subscribers will get 17 days of live top cricket this winter, free. The India v Pakistan cricket series will be exclusively live and free to ONdigital subscribers, including two Tests (28 January - 1 February and 4 ­8 February) and a triangular one day series, the Pepsi Cup. This includes Sri Lanka, the current one day World Champions, and involves 7 matches between 19 March and 3 April.

The production of the broadcasts will be by Trans World International (TWI) whose team have won awards for their cricket production. The commentary team will include ex-Test players Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar as well as Geoff Boycott for the one day series. The matches will be shown on the FirstONdigital channel.

Each day's cricket will be shown live, starting from around 4am until lunchtime. A recording of the entire day's play will then be shown following close of play, with a highlights programme in the evening.

ONdigital's Director of Broadcasting, Ashley Faull says:

"This signing is further evidence of our determination to bring top events to our subscribers. The Tyson fight, this cricket and some really exciting future developments demonstrate that we will give our subscribers extra value, whenever we see an opportunity."