New appointment at ONdigital

8th September 1999

Simon Dore, Director of Channel Development at Granada Media, has been appointed Operations Director of ONdigital. He was previously Director of Broadcasting at GSB and before that was Managing Editor at BBC Worldwide.

John Egan, the current Operations Director of ONdigital is to leave the company to set up a new venture.

ONdigital Chief Executive Stuart Prebble says:

"Simon Dore is uniquely qualified to succeed John. His background covers broadcasting, technical areas and interactive services and he is well known and respected in the industry. I have worked with him for 5 years; I know he will be a terrific addition to my new management team.
"ONdigital owes a great deal to John Egan. He has been part of the team from the very beginning and has played a crucial part in bringing the company to the very strong competitive position it is now in. He has now decided that he wants to help set up a new venture. We considered whether to back the venture, but decided it is not one for ONdigital to support. We wish him every success.
"I have always believed that change is an opportunity. The recent departures from ONdigital have given me the opportunity to reinforce and restructure the management team; I have nearly completed this process. My new team and I look forward with confidence to maintaining and enhancing ONdigital's success in the digital TV market."