Help for the flat dwellers from homesONdigital

29th September 1999

ONdigital has set up homesONdigital to help the 6.7 million householders who have or may have shared aerial systems.

Now it is clear that the government will switch off the analogue signal, it will become more and more important for landlords to provide access for all their tenants to digital terrestrial signals, whether they want ONdigital services or just the eleven free to air services.

Many homes with shared aerial systems can receive perfectly satisfactory digital reception, but some cannot. Often in these cases, a simple modification to the distribution system is the solution. The homesONdigital team will provide free advice to local authorities, housing associations, managing agents and property companies about the technical solutions it has developed in conjunction with leading manufacturers of reception equipment. It will also run a press campaign to raise awareness of the issue and of the service homesONdigital offers.

The digital terrestrial modification solution offered by homesONdigital can cost as little as £10 per home in an apartment block, compared with £150 or more for digital satellite.

ONdigital is the simplest way to get digital TV. The ONdigital box simply plugs into a normal TV, connects to an aerial and delivers more than 30 digital channels of top quality TV, including Sky One, MTV, UK Gold, British Eurosport, the main sports and movie channels and access to ONdigital's exclusive live coverage of UEFA Champions League football.

Rhys Grossman from homesONdigital, says:

"We are the obvious resource for landlords to turn for advice on digital television. Our advice is free and we can help them deliver the cheapest possible cost solution, benefiting them and their tenants"
Landlords are already under pressure from their tenants to ensure they can receive the new digital television services. The homesONdigital helpline, which is open during normal office hours has been set up for all landlords to call on 0171 819 8030.