Plan to boost sale of digital TV sets

22nd May 2000

The market for integrated digital TVs (idTVs) has received a long-awaited boost. ONdigital has announced a raft of measures aimed at developing the digital terrestrial idTV market. This major marketing strategy was unveiled to an invited audience on May 17. The aim is to generate a five-fold increase in idTV sales compared to 1999 . Guy Lawrence, Director of Retail & Marketing for ONdigital, called on manufacturers and retailers to work together to promote idTV products. Mike Brown, Retail Strategy Manager, announced measures to help the trade including: * Launch of the ONdigital Conditional Access Module (CAM) as from Monday May 22 * Free 12 months subscription to any six Primary Channels * Extending the £40 subsidised aerial improvements offer to cover idTV customers registered with ONdigital * A training initiative aimed at retail staff to improve their understanding of the proposition ONdigital had assembled a display of 25 different idTV models for the event in an impressive demonstration of the increase of products during the last few months.


  • UKdigital TV/Media Bullet