Hardware Timeline

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  1. 04-11-1997 British Digital Broadcasting's set-top box

    British Digital Broadcasting (BDB) is today inviting manufacturers to tender for substantial initial orders for its set-top box.

  2. 08-03-1998 Nokia is chosen supplier to British Digital Broadcasting

    UK production site will make Nokia set-top boxes for world's first digital terrestrial service

  3. 09-03-1998 British Digital Broadcasting orders set-top boxes

    British Digital Broadcasting PLC (BDB) has selected six leading manufacturers - Grundig, Pace, Philips, Nokia, Sony and Toshiba - to make its "plug in and play" set-top boxes. The boxes will be in shops for BDB's launch in the last quarter of this year.

  4. 19-05-1998 British Digital Broadcasting selects the digital interactive technology from CANAL+

    British Digital Broadcasting (BDB), the world’s first digital terrestrial service to be launched before the end of 1998, has selected the MEDIAHIGHWAY interactive system from CANAL+, Europe’s first supplier of digital broadcasting technology with over 1.6 million installed set-top boxes and 65 percent of the marketplace. Back in February, BDB already chose the conditional access system MEDIAGUARD from Société Européenne de Contrôle d’Accès, a joint venture between CANAL+ and Bertelsmann.

  5. 08-10-1998 Pace receivers launch BBC Choice digital channel

    To support the launch of the BBC's new digital TV channel, BBC Choice, Pace Micro Technology provided both the digital satellite and terrestrial receivers for the BBC, to enable a live demonstration at launch.

  6. 10-11-1998 CANAL+ TECHNOLOGIES and the world's first digital terrestrial television service in the United Kingdom

    The world's first digital terrestrial television service, which started broadcasting in the United Kingdom on November 15, is supported to a great extent by CANAL+ digital technology.

  7. 20-11-1998 Nokia shows working digital terrestrial box to key audience

    Nokia demonstrated a perfect live digital picture at the Voice of the Listener and Viewer (VLV) Conference in London this week. In the depths of Hamilton House, Bloomsbury, 200 people watched a crystal clear picture received through the building's aerial and the digital set-top box, the Nokia Mediamaster 9850T.

  8. 17-05-1999 Nokia launches ONdigital/UK terrestrial and digital free-to-air set-top boxes

    Nokia Multimedia Terminals announces the launch of the Nokia Mediamaster 9850 T, for ONdigital and UK terrestrial services at this year's Cable & Satellite Mediacast Show.

  9. 24-05-1999 New era for digital TV

    ONdigital announces that set top boxes will be free to all new subscribers from Friday 28th May until further notice.

  10. 24-05-1999 Teralogic supplies graphics technology for Toshiba's CANAL+ MEDIAHIGHWAY-certified, UK terrestrial digital tv set-top box

    TeraLogic, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for digital television (DTV), announced today that its TL750 IC is providing the graphics and video processing capabilities in Toshiba's terrestrial digital TV set-top box that recently received certification for CANAL+ MEDIAHIGHWAY version 4.1.

  11. 28-05-1999 ONdigital lauches free rental of set-top-boxes

    ONdigital set top boxes will be free to all new subscribers until further notice.

  12. 28-10-1999 Open-standard digital TV sets: ITC requires ONdigital to commit to firm timetable

    The ITC has required ONdigital to commit to a firm timetable for the public availability of the plug-in conditional access modules which will enable their services to be received on open-standard integrated digital TV sets. The ITC will audit a set of agreed interim milestones towards a latest final launch date of May 2000.

  13. 22-05-2000 Plan to boost sale of digital TV sets

    The market for integrated digital TVs (idTVs) has received a long-awaited boost. ONdigital has announced a raft of measures aimed at developing the digital terrestrial idTV market. This major marketing strategy was unveiled to an invited audience on May 17. The aim is to generate a five-fold increase in idTV sales compared to 1999 . Guy Lawrence, Director of Retail & Marketing for ONdigital, called on manufacturers and retailers to work together to promote idTV products. Mike Brown, Retail Strategy Manager, announced measures to help the trade including: * Launch of the ONdigital Conditional Access Module (CAM) as from Monday May 22 * Free 12 months subscription to any six Primary Channels * Extending the £40 subsidised aerial improvements offer to cover idTV customers registered with ONdigital * A training initiative aimed at retail staff to improve their understanding of the proposition ONdigital had assembled a display of 25 different idTV models for the event in an impressive demonstration of the increase of products during the last few months.

  14. 12-07-2000 Version 2 ONrequest now avalible

    ONdigital have released a new software version for ONrequest (known as v.2). When boxes are turned on and switch to any ONdigital or ONrequest channel the usual "Your ONdigital box is being updated. Please wait" message will be displayed. Noticeable updates include the current time on the ONrequest EPG and when viewing ONrequest channels the output SCART (which you video is normally attached to) is switched off. This seems to cure the problem ONrequest have been experiencing with the in built Macrovision protection software in the current set top boxes.

  15. 05-07-2001 ONdigital to keep free set top boxes

    Embattled digital TV service Ondigital has denied press reports that it is set to charge for its set top boxes.

  16. 04-07-2002 Box confusion persists

    The BBC's digital terrestrial bid has exposed the uncertainty still surrounding the fate of more than one million set-top boxes left over from the collapsed ITV Digital.
  17. 08-07-2002 Digital TV woes hit Pace profits

    Pace Micro Technology, the UK television set-top box maker, has unveiled sharply lower sales and profits, blaming "difficult" conditions in the digital TV market.

  18. 10-12-2002 Viewers told to return set-top boxes

    Former ITV Digital subscribers are to be asked to return their set-top boxes, or pay £39.99 to keep them.

  19. 20-01-2003 ITV Digital viewers 'can keep' boxes

    Nearly a million former subscribers to the ITV Digital service are to be given their set-top boxes. The announcement reverses an earlier demand for just under £40 per box from the liquidator who is winding up the company.

  20. 20-05-2004 Top Up TV and Thomson announce first Top Up TV - ready set top box

    Top Up TV and Thomson today announced that the first new set top box able to receive Top Up TV channels - the Thomson DTI2300 - will be available in major retailers starting in mid June 2004.