ITV Sport Channel launches

11th August 2001

The ITV Sport Channel, the first premium sport channel to be launched for a decade, launched today on ITV Digital as a premium channel. It will carry live matches from the UEFA Champions League, the Nationwide Football League and the Worthington Cup for £6.99 a month.

Subscribers to the channel will also be able to buy a season ticket to 40 FA Barclaycard Premiership and 20 Nationwide League pay per view matches for another £3 a month, around 50 pence per match, offering better value than rival platforms. ITV Digital customers can also subscribe to Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3, giving them the most comprehensive British football coverage of any pay TV service.

All football matches covered by ITV Sport Channel will also offer ITV Digital customers the option of enhanced or interactive services. The enhanced service for the UEFA Champions League last season proved popular with viewers. Nearly 40 per cent of customers used it with 90 per cent of these finding it easy to use and three-quarters finding it improved their viewing experience. Next season, the UEFA Champions League enhanced service will build on this, while both Nationwide League and Worthington Cup will be enhanced with exciting new services.