ITV Sport Channel Timeline

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  1. 25-04-2001 ITV sport channel goes to the heart of football

    ITV starts countdown to new sport channel launch in August.

    A new pay TV sports channel that will offer the very best in European club football and revolutionise domestic coverage for millions of fans was unveiled today by ITV.

  2. 03-07-2001 ITV Sport Channel captures Smith and announces weekend line-up

    The ITV Sport Channel has announced the schedule for its launch weekend next month and also the first of its presenters.

    The channel will kick-off with two live Football League Division One games over its first weekend including the mouth-watering clash between Manchester City and Watford at Maine Road, as well as separate in-depth highlight shows for all three Nationwide Divisions, exclusive tennis from the USA and top quality international snooker.

  3. 10-07-2001 ITV to rebrand as ITV1

    ITV Network is to be rebranded as ITV1 later this year to reflect the extended family of brands created by the alignment with digital terrestrial platform ONdigital. ITV Chief Executive Stuart Prebble today announced the rebranding strategy, and confirmed that ONdigital will become ITV Digital on 11 July. ONnet, the internet on TV service, will become ITV Active from the same date.

  4. 19-07-2001 ITV Digital On Air And On Target

    ITV Digital (formerly ONdigital) today reported an increase of 48,000 subscribers for the quarter ended 30 June 2001, bringing the total as at 30 June to 1,135,000.

  5. 11-08-2001 ITV Sport Channel launches

    The ITV Sport Channel, the first premium sport channel to be launched for a decade, launched today on ITV Digital as a premium channel. It will carry live matches from the UEFA Champions League, the Nationwide Football League and the Worthington Cup for £6.99 a month.

  6. 26-01-2002 Northern Ireland gets more ITV

    The UTV2 channel (originally launched as TV-You) has now ceased broadcasting to viewers in Northern Ireland, and has been replaced by ITV2. UTV has now agreed carriage of the ITV Sport Channel on multiplex 2 in Northern Ireland, meaning the channel is now available to all ITV Digital subscribers across the UK.

  7. 03-05-2002 ITV Sport to go off air

    The ITV Sport channel is to close on 11 May following the collapse of ITV Digital.

  8. 11-05-2002 ITV Sport Channel shuts down

    Just before 4pm this afternoon, the ITV Sport Channel closed down for the last time, after launching only nine months ago to this day. The channel is currently broadcasting a notice stating that it has closed.