BBC Knowledge multiplex move on the way

27th August 2001

In a press release from the BBC, it has emerged that sometime in October this year BBC Knowledge will be moved from multiplex A (operated by SDN) to multiplex 1 (operated by the BBC).

Due to BBC Knowledge being moved to the BBC's multiplex, the regular digital BBC Text service will be available. For the month of Septemeber, there will be no digital text service transmitted on BBC Knowledge, other than a text page explaining the BBC Knowledge Text service has closed.

When BBC Knowledge launched in June 1999, it could not broadcast on the BBC's own multiplex due to the BBC not using statistical multiplexing, however trails have now been completed enabling the change.

BBC Knowledge will also no-longer close at 12pm on weekends for digital terrestrial viewers, it will operate through the afternoons and evenings like it currently does on digital satellite.


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