SDN Timeline

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  1. 09-02-1998 S4C Digital Networks LTD renames to SDN LTD

    S4C Digital Networks LTD becomes SDN LTD.

  2. 26-05-1998 ITC grants multiplex A licence to SDN

    The ITC granted today (26 May) Multiplex Service licence A to SDN Ltd, a jointly owned company in which NTL, S4C and United News and Media hold equal shares.

  3. 11-01-2000 ONdigital and SDN sign pay-per-view deal

    SDN and ONdigital today announce that the formal agreement for their joint venture to launch digital terrestrial pay per view services (PPV) has been signed. The service, to be branded ONrequest, will offer up to five channels of top class movies and other events on a pay as you go basis.

  4. 27-04-2000 ONrequest - Pay Per View Service goes on air on 1st May 2000

    ONrequest (the joint venture between ONdigital and SDN) will broadcast the world's first digital terrestrial Pay Per View movie at 12noon on 1st May 2000. The multi-Oscar winner Shakespeare in Love and children's cult film The Rugrats Movie will be the first titles screened.

  5. 01-05-2000 ONrequest launches

    ONrequest (the joint venture between ONdigital and SDN) broadcast the world's first digital terrestrial Pay Per View movie at 12noon. Shakespeare in Love and children's cult film The Rugrats Movie were the first titles screened.

  6. 11-05-2000 Travel with SDN

    It would appear SDN is to launch TV Travel Shop on digital terrestrial television, an 'add channels' puts the channel on number 44. Broadcast details of this channel are currently unknown.

  7. 15-05-2000 Second shopping channel launches

    TV travel Shop launched today at 6am from channel 44 on the SDN multiplex. It is to be broadcast FTA from 6am-12noon weekdays and 6am-10am weekdays, sharing capacity with ONrequest 2.

  8. 08-06-2000 Tune into your money

    The channel number for Simply Money has now been made live using channel 43. The channel will launch on Monday 12 June 2000 at 7am. Exact operating hours of the channel have not yet been confirmed. This channel will using channel capacity while one of the ONrequest channels is off the air. (Currently TV Travel Shop uses capacity when ONrequest 1 is off the air.) To add the channel you need to perform an "add channels" operation on your idTV or Set Top Box.

  9. 12-06-2000 No launch for Simply Money today

    Simply Money failed to make its launch date today. Instead an SDN Test Transmission screen was shown on the bark background. The now & next, guide now reports that the channel will launch tomorrow.

  10. 13-06-2000 It Simply isn't Money!

    Again, Simply Money failed to launch again today. The SDN Test Transmission was again shown with the bark background. However, the ONscreen Guide states that the channel is now broadcasting 7am to 10am (the same broadcasting hours as Sky Digital).

  11. 21-06-2000 Finally it starts!

    Simple Money finally launched today at 7am, the news reader welcomed ONdigital viewers to the channel.

  12. 01-08-2000 NTL show sign of life

    Currently (10pm) the mysterious ntl channel 15 is loading a blue MHEG-5 screen. In the middle is a box with the ntl logo with the wording "ntl engineering test screen".

  13. 17-08-2000 NTL channel has EPG!

    The ntl channel 15 is now broadcasting an EPG! To enter the EPG go to channel 15. Wait for the ntl test screen to appear if it doesn't wait 10 seconds. The press red, yellow, green, blue, red. The EPG will then load and you will need to press red to enter. The service does seem to be on test at the moment. However, hopefully the service will be fully up and running shortly.

  14. 27-08-2001 BBC Knowledge multiplex move on the way

    In a press release from the BBC, it has emerged that sometime in October this year BBC Knowledge will be moved from multiplex A (operated by SDN) to multiplex 1 (operated by the BBC).

  15. 11-12-2001 SDN BBC Knowledge ends

    Having broadcast since June 1999 from the SDN operated multiplex A, BBC Knowledge is now no-longer transmitted on it. BBC Knowledge is now only available from the BBC's own multiplex 1 on channel 13. It stills remains unclear as to what will the space left vacant by BBC Knowledge's departure. Channel 800 should be removed from the line-up later this week.

  16. 07-01-2002 TV Travel Shop for half the day

    TV Travel Shop, SDN and ITV Select have reached an agreement to extended the broadcast hours of TV Travel Shop as of today from 06.00 - 12.00 (06.00 - 10.00 at weekends) to broadcast seven days a week 06.00 - 18.00. As a consequence it was decided to reduce the broadcast hours of ITV Select 2 to begin broadcasting at 18.00 all week instead.

  17. 01-02-2002 ITN extend hours

    The ITN News Channel today extended its broadcast hours on the digital terrestrial service. The channel which used to close at 09.00 to give bandwidth to ITV Select 4 and Television X later at night, will now close at 18.00 daily. The decision was made by SDN (who have interests in ITV Select) to make ITV Select 4 start broadcasts at 19.00 as a result. Welsh viewers should note that the ITN News Channel will still close at 09.00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays due to the broadcasts of S4C2. The ITN News Channel cannot broadcast beyond 18.00 currently, due to capacity being required by TeleG for Scottish viewers between 18.00 - 19.00. The now & next service now also lists which individual newsreaders are to be on-air.

  18. 02-05-2002 TV Travel Shop for longer

    Holiday shopping channel, TV Travel Shop has taken advantage of ITV Select's closure by making a deal with SDN for the channel to be broadcast 24 hours a day, rather than the previous 6am - 6pm arrangement. The on-screen now/next information has yet to be updated with extended listings information for the channel, though this should change in the next few days. As a consequence of TV Travel Shop being broadcast 24 hours, ITV Select 2 now its close-down screen broadcast in MHEG5 around the clock.

  19. 22-05-2002 ITV Select channels removed

    Around a month after the ITV Select and For Adults Only TV services had suspended broadcasting, this evening the channel information for them had finally stopped being transmitted from the SDN multiplex. Performing a 'store channels' will remove the channels from your line-up.

  20. 27-04-2005 ITV plc acquires SDN Limited

    ITV plc announced today that it has acquired SDN Limited (SDN) from United Business Media plc (UBM) and S4C Digital Media Limited (S4C).