DTT: extension to deadline

21st May 2002

The Independent Television Commission (ITC) has received requests from some of those who have expressed an interest in the multiplex digital terrestrial licences to extend the deadline for tender applications.

Because of these requests and the substantial expressions of interest, the Commission has decided to extend the period for assessing tender applications and now plans to announce the outcome on Thursday, 4 July.

The deadline for tender applications has also been extended by eight working days to 5pm on Thursday, 13 June.

A number of expressions of interest in DTT multiplexes B, C & D have been received which include technical proposals for variations to transmission standards while others have argued against this.

Deadlines have been extended to allow time for field trials to ensure all potential applicants can develop their technical proposals in the light of the trial results and an assessment of them by the ITC.

The ITC's technical directorate has appointed Logica to provide further independent advice on the trial results.