DTT Timeline

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  1. 31-10-1996 ITC invites DTT multiplex licence applications

    The Independent Television Commission published an invitation to apply for digital terrestrial television licences on 31st October 1996. Applications had to be submitted to the Independent Television Commission before 12.00pm on 31st January 1997.

  2. 15-11-1996 ITC issues invitation to apply for multiplex service licence to Channel 3 and Channel 4

    The ITC has issued today (15 November 1996) to the terrestrial broadcasters a formal invitation to apply for the licence to operate the second largest digital multiplex. The Channel 3 licensees, Channel 4 and Teletext Ltd are guaranteed capacity on this multiplex.

  3. 31-01-1997 DTT multiplex licence applications deadline

    Applications for digital terrestrial television multiplex licences had to be submitted to the Independent Television Commission before 12.00pm on this day. Applications were received by: British Digital Broadcasting PLC (BDB), Digital Television Network Limited (DTN), Digital 3 and 4 Limited, and S4C Digital Networks Limited (SDN).

  4. 31-01-1997 Carlton, Granada, and BSkyB form British Digital Broadcasting

    Carlton Communications PLC, Granada Group PLC and British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC announce the formation of a new joint company, British Digital Broadcasting PLC, which has today applied to operate three digital terrestrial television licences. Each shareholder will own one third of the new company.

  5. 24-06-1997 Multi channel television for all

    British Digital Broadcasting today welcomed the decision by the Independent Television Commission to award the company three digital terrestrial television licences.

  6. 24-06-1997 ITC announces decision to award multiplex service licences for digital terrestrial television

    The ITC announced today it has decided to award each of Multiplex Service Licences B, C and D to British Digital Broadcasting PLC, which, following the withdrawal of BSkyB, will be jointly owned by Carlton Communications and Granada Group.

  7. 05-08-1997 British Digital Broadcasting announces £200 million transmission plans

    British Digital Broadcasting (BDB) has selected Castle Transmission International (CTI) to supply its transmission and distribution services. Test transmissions are planned for the end of this year.

  8. 08-03-1998 Nokia is chosen supplier to British Digital Broadcasting

    UK production site will make Nokia set-top boxes for world's first digital terrestrial service

  9. 08-05-1998 DiviCom selected by British Digital Broadcasting for UK terrestrial television project

    DiviCom, a Division of C-Cube Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: CUBE), a leading international provider of compression systems for digital television, today announced that British Digital Broadcasting PLC (BDB) has selected DiviCom to supply headend compression and multiplexing equipment at its digital terrestrial television (DTTV) broadcast center located in central London. BDB has announced that broadcasting from this center is currently scheduled to begin in the last quarter of 1998.

  10. 26-05-1998 ITC grants multiplex A licence to SDN

    The ITC granted today (26 May) Multiplex Service licence A to SDN Ltd, a jointly owned company in which NTL, S4C and United News and Media hold equal shares.

  11. 10-11-1998 CANAL+ TECHNOLOGIES and the world's first digital terrestrial television service in the United Kingdom

    The world's first digital terrestrial television service, which started broadcasting in the United Kingdom on November 15, is supported to a great extent by CANAL+ digital technology.

  12. 16-11-1998 ONdigital takes to the air

    The first digital terrestrial television (DTT) service was launched by ONdigital yesterday, the company joint-owned by ITV groups Carlton Communications and Granada. The service was modestly unveiled by the illumination of its Crystal Palace transmitter in London.

  13. 08-12-1998 ITV stretches its digits

    Pop star Billie and footballer-turned-film star Vinnie Jones launched ITV's new digital channel on Monday.

  14. 17-09-1999 Carlton welcomes digital switch over announcement

    Commenting on Chris Smith's statement on the switch over from analogue to digital, Carlton Chief Executive, Steven Cain said:

  15. 03-06-2000 Sky solves rights issue?

    It appears that Sky Premier has resolved some of its rights issues. Two movie studios have previously claimed that Sky didn't have "Terrestrial" rights to their movies. Therefore, when movies from these two studio are shown via Sky Premier ONdigital customers receive an "alternative" film. However, Karate Kid 3, 3 Ninjas and Primary Colours which have previously been blocked from the ONdigital version were aired on 2nd June 2000. This follows recent observations by ONdigital viewers that previously blocked films have appeared in June's channel listings.

  16. 01-07-2000 ITN make launch plans

    ITN have now announced that their 24 hour news service will be launched on 1 August 2000. However, due to capacity reasons the channel will only initially only be available in the morning hours via DTT.

  17. 25-07-2000 ITN - tune it in

    The new ITN news channel is now available. To add the new channel you need to carry out the add channels function on your ONdigital Set Top Box. The channel has been allocated the channel number of 48. Exact start details and broadcasting hours via DTT are a bit sketchy. The 24 hour services launches on 1st August 2000 via cable and digital satellite.

  18. 01-08-2000 ITN not launching today

    Channel 48 (ITN's channel number) was showing a screen this morning showing that the channel launches at 13:30 today. However, the launch will not be shown via the DTT network. ITN's broadcasting hours via DTT are 6am to 9am.

  19. 02-08-2000 ITN finally launches

    The ITN news channel has been seen for the first time by viewers on the DTT network. DTT viewers are the last digital viewers to have been able to be see the channel. ITN is available 24 hours on ALL other digital platforms.

  20. 20-03-2001 World Heritage Village enters the digital age

    Residents in New Lanark World Heritage Village are celebrating a world first. Thanks to sponsorship from TV giants ONdigital. Robert Owen's famous mill community is the first village in the world where every resident has access to digital television and the Internet.

  21. 30-04-2002 ITC to re-advertise ITV Digital licences

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) today, April 30, confirmed that the Administrator had surrendered the three multiplex service licences currently in the name of ITV Digital.

  22. 01-05-2002 Race to find digital broadcaster

    An urgent search has begun for a buyer of a licence to broadcast digital terrestrial television in the UK.

  23. 16-05-2002 ITC confirms expressions of interest

    The ITC today (May 16) confirmed that it has received a number of expressions of interest following the retendering of the three digital terrestrial multiplex licences formerly owned by ITV Digital.

  24. 21-05-2002 DTT: extension to deadline

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) has received requests from some of those who have expressed an interest in the multiplex digital terrestrial licences to extend the deadline for tender applications.

  25. 13-06-2002 Does digital terrestrial have a future?

    The number of parties interested in the available "multiplex" licences suggests there is definitely a viable future for digital terrestrial television (DTT).

  26. 13-06-2002 ITV and Channel 4 confirm free-to-air DTT Licence Applications

    ITV and Channel 4 today confirmed that they have made joint applications to the Independent Television Commission (ITC) for the Multiplex Service Licences B and C.

  27. 04-07-2002 DTA statement relating to the ITC's award of digital terrestrial television licences

    A spokesman for the Digital Terrestrial Alliance (DTA) said:

    "The DTA bid brought together the most attractive free to air channel line-up with an optional upgrade to pay. We remain convinced that digital customers want the option of a pay-TV upgrade and that our proposed combination of an extended free-to-air offering, including channels from all the UK's leading broadcasters, and a modestly priced, 'lite' pay-TV package represented the best chance of success for DTT."
  28. 09-08-2002 ITC consults on options for change in DTT transmission

    The ITC is today (Friday 8 August) inviting comments on options for change in the transmission mode for digital terrestrial television (DTT).

  29. 16-08-2002 ITC grants DTT licences to the BBC and Crown Castle

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) has today (Friday, August 16) granted the digital terrestrial television (DTT) Multiplex Service Licence B to the BBC and Multiplex Service Licences C and D to Crown Castle.

  30. 20-09-2002 ITC Reaches interim decision on DTT transmission mode

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) is today amending its technical standards to authorise those digital broadcasters who wish to broadcast in '16-QAM' transmission mode to press ahead. This follows the readvertising of licences for three digital terrestrial multiplexes and the success of tenders based on the '16-QAM' transmission mode.

  31. 09-02-2005 Digital Terrestrial Television spectrum management update

    Ofcom has today published a spectrum management update on the technical planning for digital switchover across the UK.

  32. 14-03-2005 Freeview invites ITV and C4 to take stakes

    Freeview's backers, the BBC, BSkyB and Crown Castle, have said they would welcome ITV and Channel Four as additional stakeholders in Britain's fast-growing digital terrestrial platform.

  33. 01-06-2005 Ofcom publishes statement on Digital Terrestrial Television coverage plans for switchover

    Ofcom has decided on the option which allows the anticipated DTT coverage to reach at least the same proportion of households (98.5 per cent) after switchover as are reached by current analogue television broadcasts. This option would also allow extra capacity for additional services on DTT for viewers which could be used for interactive services, radio, television or other services such as High Definition television.

  34. 10-06-2005 Digital television UK household penetration reaches just under 62%

    Ofcom today publishes its Digital Television Update for the first quarter of 2005. The update shows that by 31 March 2005 digital television penetration was estimated to have reached 61.9% of UK households. The number of Digital Terrestrial Television (Freeview) only households saw a strong increase at the end of March 2005, with DTT households now estimated to have passed the 5 million mark for the first time.

  35. 12-10-2005 ITV and Channel 4 join the Freeview consortium

    DTV Services Limited (DTVSL), the consortium which owns and markets Freeview, the fast-growing free digital terrestrial TV service, today announced it has two new shareholders: ITV and Channel 4. As of October 11, ITV and Channel 4 are equal shareholders in the DTVSL consortium, each taking a 20% stake alongside the three founding shareholders: BBC, BSkyB and National Grid Wireless (formerly Crown Castle UK).