Monkey Timeline

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  1. 10-07-2001 Comedy double act to front the launch of ITV Digital, Johnny Vegas and newcomer Monkey set to storm the nation

    TV history is littered with comedy duos who have left their indelible mark on the nation: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Morecombe and Wise, French and Saunders, The Two Ronnies, to name a few. Some might add Cannon and Ball. ITV Digital (formerly ONdigital) has signed up the hottest new comedy duo to front its launch advertising campaign. Johnny Vegas, whose one-man show is the wow of comedy festivals at home and abroad, and Monkey... a friendly chap from Muppet-makers The Jim Henson Creature Shop.

  2. 04-09-2002 Collapsed ITV Digital sells off monkeys

    Knitted replica monkeys are being auctioned off in south London with other assets belonging to the collapsed ITV Digital network.

  3. 04-09-2002 ITV Digital monkey under the hammer

    There was a time when a knitted monkey came free if you bought an ITV Digital package. But once the administrators and auctioneers moved into the failed pay-TV company's old headquarters, the tables were turned.