Granada Timeline

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  1. 31-01-1997 Carlton, Granada, and BSkyB form British Digital Broadcasting

    Carlton Communications PLC, Granada Group PLC and British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC announce the formation of a new joint company, British Digital Broadcasting PLC, which has today applied to operate three digital terrestrial television licences. Each shareholder will own one third of the new company.

  2. 24-06-1997 ITC announces decision to award multiplex service licences for digital terrestrial television

    The ITC announced today it has decided to award each of Multiplex Service Licences B, C and D to British Digital Broadcasting PLC, which, following the withdrawal of BSkyB, will be jointly owned by Carlton Communications and Granada Group.

  3. 24-03-1999 Formal warning for Carlton and Granada groups for unreasonable discrimination against BSkyB

    The ITC today (24 March 1999) issued a formal warning to the licensees in the Carlton and Granada groups (Carlton, Central, Westcountry, Granada, Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and LWT) for unreasonable discrimination against BSkyB.

  4. 20-10-1999 Carlton and Granada launch interactive TV trial

    Carlton Media Group and Granada Media Group announced today that they are joining forces to invest in an interactive television trial with pay television operator, ONdigital.

  5. 25-04-2001 Granada and Carlton to align ITV and ONdigital

    Carlton Communications Plc and Granada plc today announced proposals for a new partnership to align ITV and ONdigital - creating an integrated free-to-air, pay television and online media business.

  6. 27-06-2001 Granada urged to ditch ONdigital

    Media giant Granada, which revealed two weeks ago it had slipped into the red, is facing growing pressure from investors to ditch ONdigital, a survey has revealed.

  7. 17-01-2002 Granada Breeze to finally blow-out

    In a press release ITV Digital have confirmed that the channel Granada Breeze will no longer be broadcast to digital terrestrial after 21.00 on Thursday 31st January. Granada Men and Motors will, however, continue to broadcast on channel 31 after this date and the broadcast of this channel is not affected by the Granada Breeze closure on this platform. The closure of Granada Breeze was originally reported by DTT News on 06/12/01 as being due to take place on 07/12/01, however it is thought the delay in the channels removal was part of last-ditch talks between ITV Digital and Granada Sky Broadcasting to keep the channel available on the digital terrestrial service.

  8. 31-01-2002 Breeze sails into sun-set

    Today at 9pm the lifestyle channel Granada Breeze closed-down for the last time after being on the digital terrestrial platform since it launched in November 1998. Currently there have been no confirmations from ITV Digital as what is likely to fill the broadcast space used by Granada Breeze. An 'add channels' now renames the channel banner from saying 'BreezeMen&Mtrs' to simply, 'men&motors'.

  9. 27-02-2002 ITV Digital in crisis, owners say

    ITV Digital needs a "fundamental restructuring... as a matter of urgency" if its long-term future is to be secured, the struggling network's owners Carlton and Granada have said.

  10. 27-02-2002 Restructure of ITV Digital

    The Boards of Carlton and Granada have concluded that a fundamental restructuring of ITV Digital's cost base must be concluded as a matter of urgency in order to secure the long term future of the business. Deloitte & Touche have been appointed to assist in the implementation of this process.