ONgames Timeline

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  1. 08-06-2000 More games available

    ONgames2 has launched today on channel 46. The new games are Dr Quiztoast and Memory Jnr.

  2. 11-07-2000 Fifth digital game added

    A new game has been added to ONgames2. The new game has been sponsored by Sunny Delight.

  3. 03-08-2000 New game

    Vegas Poker is now available via ONgames1. The menu for ONgames1 has changed so it is the same as ONgames2. ONgames1 still uses Mediahighway software while ONgames2 uses MHEG-5. ONgames1 uses the older software as some idTV's and Set Top Boxes still haven't had the software upgrade which incorporates MHEG-5.

  4. 25-08-2000 Prizes from the toaster and a new game!

    During September ONgames2 will be giving you the opportunity to win a family (2 adults, 2 children) holiday to Orlando. All you need to do is play Dr Quiztoast Prize Edition and answer 7 out of the 10 questions correctly. 160 runners up will receive the latest Polaroid i-zone camera. Some time during September ONgames2 will have a new game called Forest Fire Fight. The aim of the game is to extinguish all of the fire and is aimed at older children and adults. Expect the SunnyD Ball game to be removed shortly.

  5. 17-10-2000 Two Way TV channel to launch on ONdigital

    Digital terrestrial broadcaster ONdigital is to add the Two Way TV channel of interactive games and entertainment to its service from January 2001.

  6. 12-02-2001 Two Way TV to co-develop TV games with Infogrames

    Interactive TV specialist Two Way TV has joined forces with top games developer Infogrames to co-produce games for the Two Way TV channel.

  7. 19-07-2001 ITV Digital On Air And On Target

    ITV Digital (formerly ONdigital) today reported an increase of 48,000 subscribers for the quarter ended 30 June 2001, bringing the total as at 30 June to 1,135,000.

  8. 31-12-2001 Two Way TV shut down

    At 4pm today Two Way TV ceased to provide a games service on DTT. This is the first time since June 1999 that there has not been an interactive games service available on the platform.

  9. 31-01-2002 Two Way almost gone

    Performing a 'store channels' function now removes channel 46 (formerly Two Way TV) from the line-up. The channel, which now simply has a screen advertising ITV Active has moved to channel number 802, where it is expected to be removed from the line-up totally in the next few days.