Subscribers Timeline

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  1. 08-04-1999 Digital television war is on

    ONdigital, the digital television group, has signed up 110,000 new subscribers since its launch last November.

  2. 08-04-1999 110,000 subscribers for ONdigital

    ONdigital announce 110,000 new subscribers since launching on November 15, 1998. Subscribers numbers have been growing every month; during the month of March alone, ONdigital attracted more than 30,000 subscribers. ONdigital's market share has been growing consistently since launch.

  3. 08-07-1999 ONdigital announces 247,000 Subscribers

    ONdigital has signed up 137,000 subscribers in the three months to the end of June 1999, making a total of 247,000 subscribers signed since the launch of ONdigital last November. In June alone, a total of 68,000 subscribers have signed up to ONdigital.

  4. 07-10-1999 ONdigital sales up 66 per cent - 411,000 sales beat forecasts

    ONdigital today announced record sales for the three months ending 30th September 1999. A total of 411,000 homes have now signed up to ONdigital, up from 247,000 at the end of June. 82,000 customers signed up in September alone.

  5. 11-01-2000 ONdigital sales surge forward - prepaid an instant success

    ONdigital today announced sales for the three months ending 31st December 1999.

  6. 11-04-2000 ONdigital on course for 1 million customers

    ONdigital, the Pay TV and interactive services platform today announced its latest quarterly figures. As at March 31 2000 it had signed up 673,000 new customers, an increase of 22% since December 2000 and a fivefold increase in the year since 31 March 1999.

  7. 11-07-2000 ONdigital hits the net

    ONdigital, the Pay TV and interactive services platform announced today its latest quarterly subscriber figures. As at 30 June 2000 it had signed up 774,000 customers, an increase of 15% since March 2000 and a more than three-fold increase in the year since 30 June 1999.

  8. 17-10-2000 ONdigital nets 896,000 customers

    ONdigital, the world-leading interactive digital TV service, today announced that it has 896,000 customers signed up as at 16 October 2000.

  9. 17-01-2001 ONdigital fights for growth

    UK digital television company ONdigital has reached its sales target and says it is able to double this within two years. But a closer look at the figure reveals a high proportion of users who are choosing not to renew subscriptions and some analysts are dubious whether next year's targets will be met.

  10. 17-01-2001 ONdigital makes it a million

    ONdigital sales at 14 January totalled 1,025,000. Its sales were 1,012,000 as at 31 December 2000, beating its target of 1 million, and an increase of 83 per cent on a year ago.

  11. 19-07-2001 ITV Digital On Air And On Target

    ITV Digital (formerly ONdigital) today reported an increase of 48,000 subscribers for the quarter ended 30 June 2001, bringing the total as at 30 June to 1,135,000.

  12. 25-10-2001 ITV Digital defies sceptics

    ITV Digital has confounded sceptics, who have for months predicted the service's demise, by attracting almost 50% more subscribers than some media experts had predicted.

  13. 25-10-2001 ITV Digital sales above target

    ITV Digital's subscriber base grew by 82,000 in the quarter ending 30 September 2001 and by 339,000 (36%) for the year ending 30 September 2001.

  14. 12-02-2002 Viewers desert ITV Digital

    Embattled digital television operation ITV Digital saw churn rise to almost 25% as subscriber growth slowed.

  15. 12-02-2002 ITV Digital on track

    ITV Digital's latest subscriber figures, published today, show growth to the end of December continuing in line with the objectives announced in April 2001.

  16. 10-02-2005 Top Up TV reaches 160,000 subscribers

    Premium DTT add-on service Top Up TV has attracted 160,000 subscribers since its launch last April.