Nokia Timeline

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  1. 08-03-1998 Nokia is chosen supplier to British Digital Broadcasting

    UK production site will make Nokia set-top boxes for world's first digital terrestrial service

  2. 09-03-1998 British Digital Broadcasting orders set-top boxes

    British Digital Broadcasting PLC (BDB) has selected six leading manufacturers - Grundig, Pace, Philips, Nokia, Sony and Toshiba - to make its "plug in and play" set-top boxes. The boxes will be in shops for BDB's launch in the last quarter of this year.

  3. 20-11-1998 Nokia shows working digital terrestrial box to key audience

    Nokia demonstrated a perfect live digital picture at the Voice of the Listener and Viewer (VLV) Conference in London this week. In the depths of Hamilton House, Bloomsbury, 200 people watched a crystal clear picture received through the building's aerial and the digital set-top box, the Nokia Mediamaster 9850T.

  4. 17-05-1999 Nokia launches ONdigital/UK terrestrial and digital free-to-air set-top boxes

    Nokia Multimedia Terminals announces the launch of the Nokia Mediamaster 9850 T, for ONdigital and UK terrestrial services at this year's Cable & Satellite Mediacast Show.