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  1. 10-01-2005 ITV to launch teletext service on all digital channels

    TV has announced a 10-year deal with Teletext to launch and operate commercial and editorial text services across all the ITV family of channels in digital homes.
  2. 27-01-2005 Bidding war over Freeview slot begins

    The bidding battle for a new Freeview channel has commenced. Reports say ITV and Channel 4 are both considering multi-million pound offers for the newly created channel slot, which is being sold by Freeview co-owner Crown Castle UK.

  3. 09-02-2005 Digital Terrestrial Television spectrum management update

    Ofcom has today published a spectrum management update on the technical planning for digital switchover across the UK.

  4. 10-02-2005 Top Up TV reaches 160,000 subscribers

    Premium DTT add-on service Top Up TV has attracted 160,000 subscribers since its launch last April.

  5. 04-03-2005 Crown Castle frees new Freeview slot

    As Crown Castle prepares to announce the winner of its spare channel slot on the digital terrestrial platform, the Freeview co-owner is said to be ready to invite bids for another new channel.

  6. 14-03-2005 Freeview invites ITV and C4 to take stakes

    Freeview's backers, the BBC, BSkyB and Crown Castle, have said they would welcome ITV and Channel Four as additional stakeholders in Britain's fast-growing digital terrestrial platform.

  7. 30-03-2005 Digital television UK household penetration reaches just under 60%

    Ofcom today publishes its Digital Television Update for the fourth quarter of 2004. The report examines the latest data provided by the main digital television platform providers. The update shows that by 31 December 2004 a total of 59.4% of UK households received digital television; an increase of 3.5% points from 55.9% at 30 September 2004.
  8. 06-04-2005 Xtraview Top Up TV sampler channel launched

    Xtraview launched today on channel 36, offering viewers a sample from Top Up TV's channels for £1 a day.
  9. 08-04-2005 Channel 4 Board Confirms Launch of More4

    Channel 4 today confirms the launch of More4, its planned public service free-to-air digital channel. The new channel, due on air in October 2005, will have an annual programming budget of £33 million at launch.

  10. 26-04-2005 Channel 4 to Launch E4 on Freeview

    Channel 4 has today confirmed that it will launch its digital entertainment channel, E4, on the Freeview platform to coincide with the start of the sixth series of Big Brother at the end of May.

  11. 27-04-2005 ITV plc acquires SDN Limited

    ITV plc announced today that it has acquired SDN Limited (SDN) from United Business Media plc (UBM) and S4C Digital Media Limited (S4C).

  12. 02-05-2005 Men & Motors launches on Freeview

    At 11am this morning, Men & Motors launched on Freeview LCN 38.

  13. 10-05-2005 Channel 4 to Launch E4 Music Zone

    Channel 4 today announces the launch of E4 Music Zone, its new music strand. The zone will be broadcast from 6am to 2pm daily and means, for the first time, E4 will now be available to viewers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  14. 27-05-2005 E4 and E4+1 Launches FTA

    E4 launched today at 2PM as a free-to-air channel, now being advertised as part of Freeview. E4 is on LCN 14, and E4+1 is on LCN 39. An 'interactive' channel has been added on LCN 705 for Big Brother Live.
  15. 31-05-2005 British Eurosport launches on Top Up TV

    British Eurosport launched on Top Up TV today as a replacement for E4, which became part of Freeview on the 27th. British Europsort is on LCN 49, and will broadcast between 2pm and 11pm daily.

  16. 01-06-2005 Ofcom publishes statement on Digital Terrestrial Television coverage plans for switchover

    Ofcom has decided on the option which allows the anticipated DTT coverage to reach at least the same proportion of households (98.5 per cent) after switchover as are reached by current analogue television broadcasts. This option would also allow extra capacity for additional services on DTT for viewers which could be used for interactive services, radio, television or other services such as High Definition television.

  17. 10-06-2005 Digital television UK household penetration reaches just under 62%

    Ofcom today publishes its Digital Television Update for the first quarter of 2005. The update shows that by 31 March 2005 digital television penetration was estimated to have reached 61.9% of UK households. The number of Digital Terrestrial Television (Freeview) only households saw a strong increase at the end of March 2005, with DTT households now estimated to have passed the 5 million mark for the first time.

  18. 30-07-2005 Setanta Sports launches on Top Up TV

    Setana Sports PPV Live Scottish Premierleague football became available today on Setanta Sports in Scottish and Grampian regions (LCN 57).

  19. 16-08-2005 Quiz Call placeholder appears on DTT channel 37

    A placeholder for Quiz Call today appeared on the DTT lineup, on LCN 37.

  20. 22-08-2005 ONdigital 1998 pay out dividends to claimants

    ONdigital 1998 Plc today sent out letters to claimants informing that they will pay out 9.1p for every pound claimed. A total of £44,231,248.52 will be distributed.
  21. 29-08-2005 Xtraview closes

    Xtraview, the pay-per-view Top Up TV taster channel, closed today at 11pm.

  22. 30-08-2005 Quiz Call launches

    Quiz Call launched today at noon on LCN 37.

  23. 10-10-2005 More4 Launches

    More4, the new adult entertainment channel from Channel 4, launched today at 8pm.

  24. 10-10-2005 ITV, C4 'poised to join Freeview consortium'

    ITV and Channel 4 are expected to announce they are joining the BBC, Sky and Crown Castle UK in DTV Services, the company that markets Freeview.

  25. 12-10-2005 ITV and Channel 4 join the Freeview consortium

    DTV Services Limited (DTVSL), the consortium which owns and markets Freeview, the fast-growing free digital terrestrial TV service, today announced it has two new shareholders: ITV and Channel 4. As of October 11, ITV and Channel 4 are equal shareholders in the DTVSL consortium, each taking a 20% stake alongside the three founding shareholders: BBC, BSkyB and National Grid Wireless (formerly Crown Castle UK).

  26. 18-10-2005 DTT EPG shuffle

    There were major LCN changes on the DTT platform today.

  27. 22-10-2005 Top Up TV Pay As You Go

    Top Up TV Pay as you go became available in Argos and larger Tesco stores today.
  28. 31-10-2005 Sky Three Launches

    At 5pm today, on the Freeview platform, Sky Travel was replaced with Sky Three, a new entertainment channel from Sky.

  29. 01-11-2005 ITV4 Launches

    ITV today launched their fourth channel on the DTT platform. They are also expected to launch a childrens channel which will timeshare with ITV4 in the new year.

  30. 18-11-2005 Five strikes deal with Top Up TV

    Five has bought a stake in Top Up TV, the pay-TV operator that offers extra channels to Freeview viewers.

  31. 29-11-2005 Channel 4 buys new Freeview slot

    Channel 4 has purchased a new slot on the non-subscription digital terrestrial service Freeview.

  32. 14-12-2005 More 4 +1 launches on LCN 31

    More 4 +1 launched today on FreeView. It is expected to be replaced in the future by a new channel from Channel 4, or possibly FilmFour.