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  1. 11-01-2000 ONdigital and SDN sign pay-per-view deal

    SDN and ONdigital today announce that the formal agreement for their joint venture to launch digital terrestrial pay per view services (PPV) has been signed. The service, to be branded ONrequest, will offer up to five channels of top class movies and other events on a pay as you go basis.

  2. 11-01-2000 ONdigital sales surge forward - prepaid an instant success

    ONdigital today announced sales for the three months ending 31st December 1999.

  3. 31-01-2000 Wandsworth leads the way to digital TV for London tenants

    In the first project to convert London council homes to digital TV, 20,000 flats in the London Borough of Wandsworth with shared aerials are to be made digital-ready. ONdigital and Wandsworth will work together to make digital TV - and its new interactive services - available to Wandsworth tenants and leaseholders.
  4. 21-02-2000 Digital TV: Exactly what do you get?

    A battle is under way in the digital television market and both sides are clamouring for the public's attention.
  5. 07-03-2000 ONmail lauched

    ONdigital's email service launched today. Other than the initial cost of £30 for the keyboard, the only costs are local call charges.

  6. 24-03-2000 ONdigital wins over 100,000 council homes

    ONdigital is now helping bring over 100,000 council homes across the UK into the digital age. Derby and Salford have joined Glasgow City Council, the London Borough of Wandsworth and others to work with ONdigital, taking the total number of council homes being converted to well over 100,000 - and growing fast.
  7. 29-03-2000 WH Smith joins the ONdigital prepaid revolution to stock ONdigital's unique product from April 17

    WH Smith, Britain's largest book and magazine retailer, is to stock ONdigital prepaid packages from this April. Two hundred major WH Smith stores will join ONdigital's extensive network in bringing ONdigital's revolutionary prepaid concept to shoppers.
  8. 29-03-2000 ONdigital strengthens top team: new director of strategy

    ONdigital has appointed Nick George as its new Director of Strategy, reporting to Stuart Prebble, ONdigital's Chief Executive. His key priorities will be to provide expert resource for the CEO on strategic opportunities and potential partnerships in the broadcasting and on-line areas.
  9. 29-03-2000 ONdigital strengthens its broadcasting team with new appointment and promotions

    ONdigital, the UK's digital pay TV and interactive services company, today announced a restructuring of its Broadcasting Division.
  10. 30-03-2000 Internet through the TV for the many, not just the few

    ONdigital, the digital TV and interactive platform, will bring the opportunity of net surfing to anyone with a TV this year. Without the need to spend hundreds of pounds on a personal computer, anyone subscribing to ONdigital's service will be able to have full internet access through their TV.

  11. 11-04-2000 ONdigital on course for 1 million customers

    ONdigital, the Pay TV and interactive services platform today announced its latest quarterly figures. As at March 31 2000 it had signed up 673,000 new customers, an increase of 22% since December 2000 and a fivefold increase in the year since 31 March 1999.

  12. 27-04-2000 ONrequest - Pay Per View Service goes on air on 1st May 2000

    ONrequest (the joint venture between ONdigital and SDN) will broadcast the world's first digital terrestrial Pay Per View movie at 12noon on 1st May 2000. The multi-Oscar winner Shakespeare in Love and children's cult film The Rugrats Movie will be the first titles screened.

  13. 01-05-2000 ONrequest launches

    ONrequest (the joint venture between ONdigital and SDN) broadcast the world's first digital terrestrial Pay Per View movie at 12noon. Shakespeare in Love and children's cult film The Rugrats Movie were the first titles screened.

  14. 11-05-2000 Travel with SDN

    It would appear SDN is to launch TV Travel Shop on digital terrestrial television, an 'add channels' puts the channel on number 44. Broadcast details of this channel are currently unknown.

  15. 15-05-2000 Second shopping channel launches

    TV travel Shop launched today at 6am from channel 44 on the SDN multiplex. It is to be broadcast FTA from 6am-12noon weekdays and 6am-10am weekdays, sharing capacity with ONrequest 2.

  16. 22-05-2000 Plan to boost sale of digital TV sets

    The market for integrated digital TVs (idTVs) has received a long-awaited boost. ONdigital has announced a raft of measures aimed at developing the digital terrestrial idTV market. This major marketing strategy was unveiled to an invited audience on May 17. The aim is to generate a five-fold increase in idTV sales compared to 1999 . Guy Lawrence, Director of Retail & Marketing for ONdigital, called on manufacturers and retailers to work together to promote idTV products. Mike Brown, Retail Strategy Manager, announced measures to help the trade including: * Launch of the ONdigital Conditional Access Module (CAM) as from Monday May 22 * Free 12 months subscription to any six Primary Channels * Extending the £40 subsidised aerial improvements offer to cover idTV customers registered with ONdigital * A training initiative aimed at retail staff to improve their understanding of the proposition ONdigital had assembled a display of 25 different idTV models for the event in an impressive demonstration of the increase of products during the last few months.

  17. 03-06-2000 Sky solves rights issue?

    It appears that Sky Premier has resolved some of its rights issues. Two movie studios have previously claimed that Sky didn't have "Terrestrial" rights to their movies. Therefore, when movies from these two studio are shown via Sky Premier ONdigital customers receive an "alternative" film. However, Karate Kid 3, 3 Ninjas and Primary Colours which have previously been blocked from the ONdigital version were aired on 2nd June 2000. This follows recent observations by ONdigital viewers that previously blocked films have appeared in June's channel listings.

  18. 06-06-2000 ONoffer starts

    ONoffer launched today on channel 47. The digital text service is offering products from Carphone Warehouse, Ticketmaster, Odd Bins and also Marbles Credit Card.

  19. 08-06-2000 Tune into your money

    The channel number for Simply Money has now been made live using channel 43. The channel will launch on Monday 12 June 2000 at 7am. Exact operating hours of the channel have not yet been confirmed. This channel will using channel capacity while one of the ONrequest channels is off the air. (Currently TV Travel Shop uses capacity when ONrequest 1 is off the air.) To add the channel you need to perform an "add channels" operation on your idTV or Set Top Box.

  20. 08-06-2000 More games available

    ONgames2 has launched today on channel 46. The new games are Dr Quiztoast and Memory Jnr.

  21. 12-06-2000 No launch for Simply Money today

    Simply Money failed to make its launch date today. Instead an SDN Test Transmission screen was shown on the bark background. The now & next, guide now reports that the channel will launch tomorrow.

  22. 13-06-2000 It Simply isn't Money!

    Again, Simply Money failed to launch again today. The SDN Test Transmission was again shown with the bark background. However, the ONscreen Guide states that the channel is now broadcasting 7am to 10am (the same broadcasting hours as Sky Digital).

  23. 14-06-2000 Football rights - statement by ONdigital

    We are delighted that our customers will be able to see all Premier League live matches for the next four years.

  24. 16-06-2000 BBC wins ONdigital internet task

    The BBC has gone some way to balancing the loss of its rights to Saturday night highlights of the football Premier League to ITV by being appointed to design ONdigital's portal for TV internet access.

  25. 16-06-2000 ONdigital and ITV win football league and worthington cup rights from 2001

    ONdigital, the digital terrestrial and interactive services platform, and ITV have won the exclusive rights to broadcast the Football League's live Pay, Pay per View and free-to air matches for three years. The contract is worth £315 million, plus a share of the pay-per-view revenues.

  26. 21-06-2000 Finally it starts!

    Simple Money finally launched today at 7am, the news reader welcomed ONdigital viewers to the channel.

  27. 30-06-2000 ONdigital's internet on TV comes closer

    ONdigital will bring the Internet on TV to the nation's living rooms this year with the help of BBC Resources and Rubus.

    It will, uniquely, allow viewers to click straight from programming or advertisements to the Internet, while the TV picture remains in a corner of their screen. It will use technical Internet development provided by top e-business consultants Rubus and with a new portal designed by BBC Resources.

  28. 01-07-2000 ITN make launch plans

    ITN have now announced that their 24 hour news service will be launched on 1 August 2000. However, due to capacity reasons the channel will only initially only be available in the morning hours via DTT.

  29. 11-07-2000 Fifth digital game added

    A new game has been added to ONgames2. The new game has been sponsored by Sunny Delight.

  30. 11-07-2000 ONdigital hits the net

    ONdigital, the Pay TV and interactive services platform announced today its latest quarterly subscriber figures. As at 30 June 2000 it had signed up 774,000 customers, an increase of 15% since March 2000 and a more than three-fold increase in the year since 30 June 1999.

  31. 12-07-2000 Version 2 ONrequest now avalible

    ONdigital have released a new software version for ONrequest (known as v.2). When boxes are turned on and switch to any ONdigital or ONrequest channel the usual "Your ONdigital box is being updated. Please wait" message will be displayed. Noticeable updates include the current time on the ONrequest EPG and when viewing ONrequest channels the output SCART (which you video is normally attached to) is switched off. This seems to cure the problem ONrequest have been experiencing with the in built Macrovision protection software in the current set top boxes.

  32. 24-07-2000 Call centre to create 1,100 jobs

    Eleven hundred jobs are being created in Pembrokeshire as the TV company ONdigital takes over a purpose-built call centre there.
  33. 24-07-2000 ONdigital to create 1500 jobs

    Jobs boost as ONdigital launches second customer contact centre in partnership with 7C.

    ONdigital, the digital terrestrial TV and interactive services company, in partnership with 7C, a customer relationship management specialist, plans to create around 1,100 new jobs at a new customer contact centre in Pembroke, West Wales. The centre will complement ONdigital's existing Plymouth-based facility, where a further 400 jobs are to be created.

  34. 25-07-2000 ITN - tune it in

    The new ITN news channel is now available. To add the new channel you need to carry out the add channels function on your ONdigital Set Top Box. The channel has been allocated the channel number of 48. Exact start details and broadcasting hours via DTT are a bit sketchy. The 24 hour services launches on 1st August 2000 via cable and digital satellite.

  35. 01-08-2000 ITN not launching today

    Channel 48 (ITN's channel number) was showing a screen this morning showing that the channel launches at 13:30 today. However, the launch will not be shown via the DTT network. ITN's broadcasting hours via DTT are 6am to 9am.

  36. 01-08-2000 NTL show sign of life

    Currently (10pm) the mysterious ntl channel 15 is loading a blue MHEG-5 screen. In the middle is a box with the ntl logo with the wording "ntl engineering test screen".

  37. 02-08-2000 ITN finally launches

    The ITN news channel has been seen for the first time by viewers on the DTT network. DTT viewers are the last digital viewers to have been able to be see the channel. ITN is available 24 hours on ALL other digital platforms.

  38. 03-08-2000 New game

    Vegas Poker is now available via ONgames1. The menu for ONgames1 has changed so it is the same as ONgames2. ONgames1 still uses Mediahighway software while ONgames2 uses MHEG-5. ONgames1 uses the older software as some idTV's and Set Top Boxes still haven't had the software upgrade which incorporates MHEG-5.

  39. 10-08-2000 ONrequest to show football

    Following bad press coverage, u>direct have announced the England vs. Finland World Cup qualifier will also be available LIVE via ONrequest. The cost of this event via ONrequest is currently unknown. Also, the BBC will show highlights of this match.

  40. 17-08-2000 NTL channel has EPG!

    The ntl channel 15 is now broadcasting an EPG! To enter the EPG go to channel 15. Wait for the ntl test screen to appear if it doesn't wait 10 seconds. The press red, yellow, green, blue, red. The EPG will then load and you will need to press red to enter. The service does seem to be on test at the moment. However, hopefully the service will be fully up and running shortly.

  41. 25-08-2000 Prizes from the toaster and a new game!

    During September ONgames2 will be giving you the opportunity to win a family (2 adults, 2 children) holiday to Orlando. All you need to do is play Dr Quiztoast Prize Edition and answer 7 out of the 10 questions correctly. 160 runners up will receive the latest Polaroid i-zone camera. Some time during September ONgames2 will have a new game called Forest Fire Fight. The aim of the game is to extinguish all of the fire and is aimed at older children and adults. Expect the SunnyD Ball game to be removed shortly.

  42. 05-09-2000 The internet on your television for a fiver a month

    Internet use in the UK is set to change forever with the launch of full affordable web access through the television later this month.
  43. 07-09-2000 The BIG Listings Co. lands ONdigital magazine contract

    The BIG Listings Co., the television listings specialists, announced today that ONdigital TV Guide has joined its growing list of prestigious clients. The BIG Listings Co. will produce the magazine's 124 television listings pages. Their first issue will be September 2000.

  44. 18-09-2000 ONnet hits the streets with more than 40 brands on board

    ONnet, ONdigital's new television Internet service, launches today with 47 brand names to be established on its portal.

  45. 20-09-2000 Tennis ace Kournikova fells Hurley in net smash

    Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova has been voted most 'clickable' female, beating off all challengers - including Brit rival Elizabeth Hurley.

  46. 16-10-2000 ONview launched

    This week ONdigital launches a new and comprehensive electronic programme guide (EPG) service. ONview, on channel 20, will allow all DTT viewers to see what programmes are on every DTT channel for the whole day, and to click straight through to any channel they choose. It will complement ONdigital's existing Now and Next service.

  47. 17-10-2000 Two Way TV channel to launch on ONdigital

    Digital terrestrial broadcaster ONdigital is to add the Two Way TV channel of interactive games and entertainment to its service from January 2001.

  48. 17-10-2000 ONdigital nets 896,000 customers

    ONdigital, the world-leading interactive digital TV service, today announced that it has 896,000 customers signed up as at 16 October 2000.

  49. 23-10-2000 New senior appointments announced at ONdigital

    ONdigital, the TV and interactive services company today announced a series of new senior appointments and promotions