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  1. 12-01-1999 Frank and 'arry - back in action for ONdigital's Tyson return

    They're the most famous double act in British boxing. And this weekend Frank Bruno and Harry Carpenter will be working out of the same corner for new broadcaster ONdigital as commentators for Mike Tyson's eagerly-awaited return to the ring.

  2. 15-01-1999 Live, free cricket for ONdigital customers: India-Pakistan tests and one-day series captured

    ONdigital's subscribers will get 17 days of live top cricket this winter, free. The India v Pakistan cricket series will be exclusively live and free to ONdigital subscribers, including two Tests (28 January - 1 February and 4 ­8 February) and a triangular one day series, the Pepsi Cup. This includes Sri Lanka, the current one day World Champions, and involves 7 matches between 19 March and 3 April.

  3. 20-01-1999 Buy an ONdigital box now - pay later

    ONdigital, the world's first digital terrestrial commercial broadcaster, is making a special offer to new customers. Anyone buying a set top box between now and 14 February can take it home with nothing to pay for the box for at least six months.

  4. 01-02-1999 Premier League live and free through an aerial: ONdigital brings even better value to new customers

    ONdigital will bring even better value to customers buying set top boxes and subscribing to ONdigital. They will get Sky Sports 1 free for six months, a saving of up to £11 a month, with Sky Sports 3 free as a bonus. They also receive it through their TV aerial with no need for a dish or a cable.

  5. 12-02-1999 British Digital Broadcasting PLC renamed to ONdigital PLC

    British Digital Broadcasting PLC is renamed to ONdigital PLC (later to become ITV Digital PLC).

  6. 16-02-1999 UEFA Champions League 1999-2003 - live for ONdigital customers: Live British matches on Thursday nights

    From autumn 1999 ONdigital will be the only place you can be sure to see both the UEFA Champions League and the FA Carling Premiership live. The revamped UEFA Champions League will be televised live in partnership with ITV for the next four years by ONdigital.

  7. 23-02-1999 The only way to get British Eurosport digitally is ONdigital

    Eurosport's dedicated British service, British Eurosport, which officially launches its new service and new logo on 1 March, is available exclulusively in digital format through ONdigital.

  8. 08-03-1999 ONdigital - making history, showing history being made

    History has already been made in ONdigital's first two exclusively live and free sports events.

  9. 17-03-1999 ITC & BBC announce agreement for new phase of digital terrestrial frequency planning

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), National Transcommunications Limited (NTL) and Castle Transmission International (CTI) announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which jointly commits them to develop further the frequency plan for digital terrestrial television within the UK.

  10. 24-03-1999 ITC announces decision on the supply of ITV2 to digital satellite

    The ITC announced today that it had concluded that there were no grounds for requiring ITV to supply ITV2 for digital satellite distribution. This followed an investigation of a complaint made by BSkyB that ITV’s refusal to supply ITV2 was anti-competitive and detrimental to the availability of a wide range of services. However, the ITC reserves the right to re-examine the situation at a future date, should market conditions change to a significant extent.

  11. 24-03-1999 Formal warning for Carlton and Granada groups for unreasonable discrimination against BSkyB

    The ITC today (24 March 1999) issued a formal warning to the licensees in the Carlton and Granada groups (Carlton, Central, Westcountry, Granada, Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and LWT) for unreasonable discrimination against BSkyB.

  12. 08-04-1999 110,000 subscribers for ONdigital

    ONdigital announce 110,000 new subscribers since launching on November 15, 1998. Subscribers numbers have been growing every month; during the month of March alone, ONdigital attracted more than 30,000 subscribers. ONdigital's market share has been growing consistently since launch.

  13. 08-04-1999 Digital television war is on

    ONdigital, the digital television group, has signed up 110,000 new subscribers since its launch last November.

  14. 05-05-1999 Digital television wars

    The battle for control of the future of television is hotting up.
  15. 17-05-1999 Nokia launches ONdigital/UK terrestrial and digital free-to-air set-top boxes

    Nokia Multimedia Terminals announces the launch of the Nokia Mediamaster 9850 T, for ONdigital and UK terrestrial services at this year's Cable & Satellite Mediacast Show.

  16. 24-05-1999 Teralogic supplies graphics technology for Toshiba's CANAL+ MEDIAHIGHWAY-certified, UK terrestrial digital tv set-top box

    TeraLogic, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for digital television (DTV), announced today that its TL750 IC is providing the graphics and video processing capabilities in Toshiba's terrestrial digital TV set-top box that recently received certification for CANAL+ MEDIAHIGHWAY version 4.1.

  17. 24-05-1999 Digital price war hots up

    Terrestrial digital broadcaster ONdigital is to give away its £200 set-top boxes free from Friday as the cost of switching to digital television continues to plummet in the UK.
  18. 24-05-1999 New era for digital TV

    ONdigital announces that set top boxes will be free to all new subscribers from Friday 28th May until further notice.

  19. 27-05-1999 ONdigital - Exclusive UEFA Champions

    ONdigital will be the only way for UEFA Champions League football fans to see all the new season matches live.
  20. 28-05-1999 ONdigital lauches free rental of set-top-boxes

    ONdigital set top boxes will be free to all new subscribers until further notice.

  21. 19-06-1999 Pavarotti and the Three Sopranos FirstONdigital

    Pavarotti and the Three Sopranos, at Twickenham was broadcast free to ONdigital subscribers.
  22. 25-06-1999 All Saints concert FirstONdigital

    All Saints concert was broadcast free to ONdigital subscribers.
  23. 01-07-1999 MTV launches ONdigital

    MTV begins transmission as a primary channel on channel 30.

  24. 08-07-1999 ONdigital announces 247,000 Subscribers

    ONdigital has signed up 137,000 subscribers in the three months to the end of June 1999, making a total of 247,000 subscribers signed since the launch of ONdigital last November. In June alone, a total of 68,000 subscribers have signed up to ONdigital.

  25. 13-07-1999 ONdigital appoints Stuart Prebble as new chief executive

    ONdigital announced today that Stephen Grabiner is leaving the company. The board of ONdigital has appointed Stuart Prebble as the new Chief Executive with immediate effect.

  26. 14-07-1999 Digital giants do battle

    If business recruitment was run on a first-come-first-served basis, Rupert Murdoch's empire would be missing some of its top people - ONdigital has just lost its chief executive - to arch-rival Murdoch's new Internet venture.

  27. 09-08-1999 ONdigital scores with Manchester United and Arsenal live, every Champions League match shown in full - and new ONgoals programme

    ONdigital will not only show every Manchester United and Arsenal Tuesday night UEFA Champions League match live and exclusive, it will also bring its subscribers every UEFA Champions League match - 157 matches in all.

  28. 08-09-1999 New appointment at ONdigital

    Simon Dore, Director of Channel Development at Granada Media, has been appointed Operations Director of ONdigital. He was previously Director of Broadcasting at GSB and before that was Managing Editor at BBC Worldwide.

  29. 17-09-1999 ONdigital welcomes Chris Smith's switch-over announcement

    Commenting on Chris Smith's announcement today that analogue switch off will begin no later than 2010 and possibly as early as 2006, ONdigital Chief Executive Stuart Prebble says:

  30. 17-09-1999 Carlton welcomes digital switch over announcement

    Commenting on Chris Smith's statement on the switch over from analogue to digital, Carlton Chief Executive, Steven Cain said:

  31. 28-09-1999 Delay to introduction of audio description services on digital terrestrial television

    The ITC has agreed to a delay of up to six months to the introduction of audio description services on Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) on the basis of information received from ONdigital (on behalf of The Digital Network), who have been working together with the Royal National Institute from the Blind (RNIB) on the production of the plug-in modules required to enable reception of audio description. The ITC understands that these modules will now not be available in time for the launch of audio description in November 1999.

  32. 29-09-1999 Help for the flat dwellers from homesONdigital

    ONdigital has set up homesONdigital to help the 6.7 million householders who have or may have shared aerial systems.

  33. 30-09-1999 ONdigital to offer internet access through the TV for all subscribers

    ONdigital, the world's first digital pay TV service through an aerial, today announced details of its interactive plans for the millennium, including making internet access available to all ONdigital subscribers.

  34. 07-10-1999 Pre-pay latest weapon in digital war

    ONdigital is to offer pre-paid digital tv in its latest bid to boost subscription, after announcing a big rise in users.
  35. 07-10-1999 ONdigital sales up 66 per cent - 411,000 sales beat forecasts

    ONdigital today announced record sales for the three months ending 30th September 1999. A total of 411,000 homes have now signed up to ONdigital, up from 247,000 at the end of June. 82,000 customers signed up in September alone.

  36. 16-10-1999 Emmerdale ONdigital

    ONdigital's eagerly awaited feature-length Emmerdale special aired today, with exclusive coverage of Paddy and Mandy Dingle's honeymoon in Venice.
  37. 20-10-1999 Carlton and Granada launch interactive TV trial

    Carlton Media Group and Granada Media Group announced today that they are joining forces to invest in an interactive television trial with pay television operator, ONdigital.

  38. 22-10-1999 SKY Sports 2 ONdigital from November 1

    ONdigital announces that Sky has agreed to supply the Sky Sports 2 channel for broadcast by ONdigital from November 1.

  39. 26-10-1999 United, Arsenal and Rangers live ONdigital in UEFA Champions League

    Manchester United will begin the defence of their UEFA Champions League exclusively live ONdigital. The digital broadcaster will also show live coverage of both Arsenal and Glasgow Rangers' first matches in the competition.
  40. 28-10-1999 Open-standard digital TV sets: ITC requires ONdigital to commit to firm timetable

    The ITC has required ONdigital to commit to a firm timetable for the public availability of the plug-in conditional access modules which will enable their services to be received on open-standard integrated digital TV sets. The ITC will audit a set of agreed interim milestones towards a latest final launch date of May 2000.

  41. 01-11-1999 Sky Sports 2 launches ONdigital

    ONdigital now offers its customers an unbeatable choice of sports channels with Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3 and British Eurosport.

  42. 01-11-1999 ONdigital pre-pay

    Pre-paid boxes became available in 1400 stores nationwide, inclusing Comet, Argos, Woolworths, Carphone Warehouse, and Sainsbury's supermarkets.
  43. 10-12-1999 ONdigital wins massive glasgow city council contract

    In a landmark decision, ONdigital has won the contract to make 65,000 of Glasgow City Council's multi-occupancy residential properties digital-ready. The contract - for Britain's largest landlord - was won against strong competition from Sky, NTL and Blick.