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  1. 01-01-2001 Nickelodeon and the Paramount Comedy Channel launch ONdigital

    Nickelodeon and the Paramount Comedy Channel both joined the ONdigital line-up today as primary channels.

  2. 17-01-2001 ONdigital makes it a million

    ONdigital sales at 14 January totalled 1,025,000. Its sales were 1,012,000 as at 31 December 2000, beating its target of 1 million, and an increase of 83 per cent on a year ago.

  3. 17-01-2001 ONdigital fights for growth

    UK digital television company ONdigital has reached its sales target and says it is able to double this within two years. But a closer look at the figure reveals a high proportion of users who are choosing not to renew subscriptions and some analysts are dubious whether next year's targets will be met.

  4. 18-01-2001 E4 launches ONdigital

    E4 launched today, as a primary channel option. It will carry first run episodes of some of the most popular programmes on multi-channel television - including Friends, ER and Ally McBeal.

  5. 26-01-2001 New Technical Director for ONdigital

    Naomi Climer has joined ONdigital in the new post of Director of Technical Operations. Reporting to Simon Dore, ONdigital's Chief Technical Officer, Naomi takes responsibility for technical operations across both Information Systems and Engineering at ONdigital's sites in Battersea, Pembroke and Plymouth.

  6. 08-02-2001 ONdigital licenses Macrovision copy protection technology for ONrequest, the digital pay-per-view service

    Macrovision UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Macrovision Corporation (NASDAQ: MVSN), the world leader in digital rights management announced today that ONdigital, the UK's first and largest digital terrestrial television provider, has licensed Macrovision's pay-per-view copy protection technology for use on ONrequest, the pay-per-view service it jointly owns with SDN.

  7. 12-02-2001 Two Way TV to co-develop TV games with Infogrames

    Interactive TV specialist Two Way TV has joined forces with top games developer Infogrames to co-produce games for the Two Way TV channel.

  8. 20-03-2001 World Heritage Village enters the digital age

    Residents in New Lanark World Heritage Village are celebrating a world first. Thanks to sponsorship from TV giants ONdigital. Robert Owen's famous mill community is the first village in the world where every resident has access to digital television and the Internet.

  9. 19-04-2001 ONdigital raises football to a different league

    The way the Football League is covered on television is to change forever this summer. A new sports channel to be launched in August by ONdigital will be about much more than the 80 live games it will show a season.

  10. 23-04-2001 ONdigital 'faces relaunch'

    Digital TV service Ondigital is set to be overhauled and renamed in moves to bring the the channel closer to the ITV network.
  11. 25-04-2001 Granada and Carlton to align ITV and ONdigital

    Carlton Communications Plc and Granada plc today announced proposals for a new partnership to align ITV and ONdigital - creating an integrated free-to-air, pay television and online media business.

  12. 25-04-2001 ITV sport channel goes to the heart of football

    ITV starts countdown to new sport channel launch in August.

    A new pay TV sports channel that will offer the very best in European club football and revolutionise domestic coverage for millions of fans was unveiled today by ITV.

  13. 25-04-2001 Prebble: Taking the ITV helm

    ONdigital chief executive Stuart Prebble already has one of the toughest jobs in television - and now he is adding chief executive of the ITV network to his portfolio.
  14. 25-04-2001 ONdigital undergoes major overhaul

    Digital TV service Ondigital is to undergo a radical overhaul under the helm of a new chief executive.
  15. 30-04-2001 Tesco.com expands into Digital TV with ONnet

    Exclusive agreement with ONdigital makes world's largest online grocery service available to a wider market via TV Internet.
  16. 08-05-2001 Shopping on digital TV

    Tesco has unveiled its latest attempt to cash in on the home delivery market in a joint venture with the digital TV service, Ondigital.
  17. 27-06-2001 Granada urged to ditch ONdigital

    Media giant Granada, which revealed two weeks ago it had slipped into the red, is facing growing pressure from investors to ditch ONdigital, a survey has revealed.

  18. 03-07-2001 ITV Sport Channel captures Smith and announces weekend line-up

    The ITV Sport Channel has announced the schedule for its launch weekend next month and also the first of its presenters.

    The channel will kick-off with two live Football League Division One games over its first weekend including the mouth-watering clash between Manchester City and Watford at Maine Road, as well as separate in-depth highlight shows for all three Nationwide Divisions, exclusive tennis from the USA and top quality international snooker.

  19. 05-07-2001 ONdigital to keep free set top boxes

    Embattled digital TV service Ondigital has denied press reports that it is set to charge for its set top boxes.

  20. 10-07-2001 ITV to rebrand as ITV1

    ITV Network is to be rebranded as ITV1 later this year to reflect the extended family of brands created by the alignment with digital terrestrial platform ONdigital. ITV Chief Executive Stuart Prebble today announced the rebranding strategy, and confirmed that ONdigital will become ITV Digital on 11 July. ONnet, the internet on TV service, will become ITV Active from the same date.

  21. 10-07-2001 Comedy double act to front the launch of ITV Digital, Johnny Vegas and newcomer Monkey set to storm the nation

    TV history is littered with comedy duos who have left their indelible mark on the nation: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Morecombe and Wise, French and Saunders, The Two Ronnies, to name a few. Some might add Cannon and Ball. ITV Digital (formerly ONdigital) has signed up the hottest new comedy duo to front its launch advertising campaign. Johnny Vegas, whose one-man show is the wow of comedy festivals at home and abroad, and Monkey... a friendly chap from Muppet-makers The Jim Henson Creature Shop.

  22. 11-07-2001 ONdigital relaunches as ITV Digital

    Digital TV service ONdigital relaunched on Wednesday as ITV Digital, in an effort to boost its fortunes.

  23. 11-07-2001 ONdigital PLC renamed to ITV Digital PLC

    ONdigital PLC is renamed to ITV Digital PLC (later to become ONdigital 1998 PLC).

  24. 19-07-2001 ITV Digital On Air And On Target

    ITV Digital (formerly ONdigital) today reported an increase of 48,000 subscribers for the quarter ended 30 June 2001, bringing the total as at 30 June to 1,135,000.

  25. 11-08-2001 ITV Sport Channel launches

    The ITV Sport Channel, the first premium sport channel to be launched for a decade, launched today on ITV Digital as a premium channel. It will carry live matches from the UEFA Champions League, the Nationwide Football League and the Worthington Cup for £6.99 a month.

  26. 23-08-2001 Shop American gone

    Shopping channel Shop American is now no longer broadcasting on the digital terrestrial service. After a short-lived stay of just only a week, channel 35, Taste CFN, has resumed broadcasting a display of Taste CFN's programme schedule.

  27. 27-08-2001 BBC Knowledge multiplex move on the way

    In a press release from the BBC, it has emerged that sometime in October this year BBC Knowledge will be moved from multiplex A (operated by SDN) to multiplex 1 (operated by the BBC).

  28. 01-10-2001 Raids

    A computer shop in the Thanet area of Kent was raided by the Tactical Unit of Kent Constabulary supported by FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) on 24th September.

  29. 12-10-2001 Discovery Channel joins ITV Digital

    Discovery Channel, one of the premier brands in multichannel TV, is to join the ITV line up of primary channels from November 18th.

  30. 25-10-2001 ITV Digital defies sceptics

    ITV Digital has confounded sceptics, who have for months predicted the service's demise, by attracting almost 50% more subscribers than some media experts had predicted.

  31. 25-10-2001 ITV Digital sales above target

    ITV Digital's subscriber base grew by 82,000 in the quarter ending 30 September 2001 and by 339,000 (36%) for the year ending 30 September 2001.

  32. 01-11-2001 Price increases for new subscribers

    Pre-paid package will only be available with all the primary channels, at a price of £169. The price of both the six channel and full channel pay-monthly options to new subscribers is being raised to £12 and £14 per month respectively at the same time.
  33. 02-11-2001 One pound off PPV

    For November only, ITV Select is offering all pay-per-view movies for ITV Digital subscribers at a cost of £1.99 per film, instead of the standard £2.99 rate.
  34. 11-11-2001 Subscription change for new subscribers

    Today saw the subscription rates change for new subscribers, with existing subscribers having their rates unchanged until the end of this year. Today saw the end of the six primary channel prepaid package nearly two years after it was originally launched, it being replaced by the new all-primary channel package. The prepaid packages with ITV Active and the ITV Sport Channel have also been discontinued, however some stores may still have a limited amount in stock still.
  35. 18-11-2001 Discovery Channel launches

    The Discovery Channel joined the ITV Digital lineup today as a primary channel.

  36. 01-12-2001 First Day without Taste CFN

    Today is the first day on the DTT without Taste CFN. After starting 5 years ago on analogue cable and being broadcast from the start of DTT in 1998, last night at 23:58 (after a day full of never-before seen programming), an announcement appeared on screen - 'To all loyal viewers, thank you and goodbye'. Then at midnight, ITV Digital displayed a message 'Taste CFN has stoped broadcasting, look out for an announcement in New Year' .

  37. 11-12-2001 SDN BBC Knowledge ends

    Having broadcast since June 1999 from the SDN operated multiplex A, BBC Knowledge is now no-longer transmitted on it. BBC Knowledge is now only available from the BBC's own multiplex 1 on channel 13. It stills remains unclear as to what will the space left vacant by BBC Knowledge's departure. Channel 800 should be removed from the line-up later this week.

  38. 31-12-2001 Two Way TV shut down

    At 4pm today Two Way TV ceased to provide a games service on DTT. This is the first time since June 1999 that there has not been an interactive games service available on the platform.

  39. 31-12-2001 Wellbeing shut down

    At 9pm today Wellbeing closed down for the last time. It remains to be seen what channel will replace it.