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  1. 09-02-1998 S4C Digital Networks LTD renames to SDN LTD

    S4C Digital Networks LTD becomes SDN LTD.

  2. 20-02-1998 British Digital Broadcasting selects conditional access system

    British Digital Broadcasting (BDB) has chosen SECA to provide its Mediaguard conditional access system. This paves the way for BDB to place orders for digital terrestrial set-top boxes.

  3. 08-03-1998 Nokia is chosen supplier to British Digital Broadcasting

    UK production site will make Nokia set-top boxes for world's first digital terrestrial service

  4. 09-03-1998 British Digital Broadcasting orders set-top boxes

    British Digital Broadcasting PLC (BDB) has selected six leading manufacturers - Grundig, Pace, Philips, Nokia, Sony and Toshiba - to make its "plug in and play" set-top boxes. The boxes will be in shops for BDB's launch in the last quarter of this year.

  5. 29-03-1998 British Digital Broadcasting launches retail helpline

    British Digital Broadcasting (BDB) has launched a Retail Helpline for retailers to obtain more information about Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and BDB in the run up to launch at the end of this year.

  6. 08-05-1998 DiviCom selected by British Digital Broadcasting for UK terrestrial television project

    DiviCom, a Division of C-Cube Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: CUBE), a leading international provider of compression systems for digital television, today announced that British Digital Broadcasting PLC (BDB) has selected DiviCom to supply headend compression and multiplexing equipment at its digital terrestrial television (DTTV) broadcast center located in central London. BDB has announced that broadcasting from this center is currently scheduled to begin in the last quarter of 1998.

  7. 08-05-1998 British Digital Broadcasting on target for launch

    British Digital Broadcasting Plc (BDB), Britain's largest commercial digital terrestrial broadcaster, is on track to launch in the last quarter of this year.

  8. 19-05-1998 British Digital Broadcasting selects the digital interactive technology from CANAL+

    British Digital Broadcasting (BDB), the world’s first digital terrestrial service to be launched before the end of 1998, has selected the MEDIAHIGHWAY interactive system from CANAL+, Europe’s first supplier of digital broadcasting technology with over 1.6 million installed set-top boxes and 65 percent of the marketplace. Back in February, BDB already chose the conditional access system MEDIAGUARD from Société Européenne de Contrôle d’Accès, a joint venture between CANAL+ and Bertelsmann.

  9. 26-05-1998 ITC grants multiplex A licence to SDN

    The ITC granted today (26 May) Multiplex Service licence A to SDN Ltd, a jointly owned company in which NTL, S4C and United News and Media hold equal shares.

  10. 12-06-1998 Retailers rush to sign up to British Digital Broadcasting

    British Digital Broadcasting Plc (BDB) has received thousands of applications in just two weeks from retailers to sell set-top boxes for digital terrestrial television. Registration forms were mailed out at the beginning of the month.

  11. 20-07-1998 British Digital Broadcasting selects subscriber management system

    British Digital Broadcasting Plc (BDB) has selected Wiztec Solutions to provide its WIZARD Subscriber Management and Billing System to support customer care and billing services for BDB's Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) services, the first DTT service in the world. This appointment is another key step towards BDB's launch in the Autumn this year.

  12. 22-07-1998 BDB hires Ashley Faull as Executive Director of Broadcasting

    British Digital Broadcasting Plc (BDB) today announced that Ashley Faull will join its Board as Executive Director of Broadcasting. He will be responsible for programming strategy, deal negotiation and the on-air look of BDB.

  13. 28-07-1998 Unscrambling digital TV

    The high-profile brand launch of ONdigital is a reminder to the normally passive television viewer that the digital revolution is on the horizon.

  14. 28-07-1998 Digital turn on for ONdigital

    The UK's first digital terrestrial pay TV service will be known as ONdigital, it has been announced.

  15. 10-08-1998 ONdigital appoints Head of Media and Public Affairs

    ONdigital, has appointed Andrew Marre as Head of Media and Public Affairs. Andrew will be responsible for all communication to press and opinion formers. He will work closely with Jessica Mann, ONdigital's newly appointed Director of Communications.

  16. 24-08-1998 ONdigital awards on-screen identity contract

    ONdigital, the world's first digital terrestrial pay-TV service, has appointed CIA, the newly formed Creative Identity Agency, to design its on-screen identity. ONdigital formally known as British Digital Broadcasting (BDB) revealed its new brand name, designed by identity consultants Wolff Olins, last month. CIA's task will be to extend ONdigital's brand name and values onto screen. They will work in conjunction with Dunlop Woods.

  17. 08-09-1998 ONdigital announces sales team appointments

    ONdigital, the world's first digital terrestrial pay television service has established its sales and account management team with eight new appointments. This highly experienced team will guide retailers through all aspects of the ONdigital subscription package and technology. The team report to Doug Goodwin, ONdigital's director of sales.

  18. 14-09-1998 ONdigital appoints Head of Presentations and Promotions

    ONdigital has appointed Dean Stockton as Head of Presentation and Promotions. Dean started his career as a graphic designer working for the BBC, Channel 4, BSkyB and Carlton. In 1994 he received the gold US Promax award for Best In-House TV Campaign. He then turned his hand to directing - television programmes, corporate films and commercials for clients including Disney, Dorling Kindersley, Associated Newspapers, McCann Erikson, Seagrams, Panasonic and Nintendo. In 1996 his direction and production of Scratchy and Co, the children's ITV saturday morning show, was awarded Producers Choice in the 1996 Broadcast awards.

  19. 23-09-1998 BBC Choice launches

    Today saw the launch of the BBC's first new channel in 34 years. BBC Choice, the group's new digital channel, launched at midday. It will be available on all digital platforms - digital TV through an aerial, digital satellite and digital cable.

  20. 24-09-1998 Come and see the future live with ONdigital

    This week ONdigital is showing off at Live 98 at Earl's Court, giving thousands of visitors to the show the first chance to see live ONdigital test transmissions, being received on the stand on operational set-top boxes - on public show for the first time. And Lee Hurst and a team of top comics will entertain them at the ONdigital Comedy Club, on the stand.

  21. 28-09-1998 Digital TV line-ups unveiled

    The race to provide digital television services in the UK is on, with two rival companies launching packages this week.

  22. 28-09-1998 ONdigital announces channel packages and launch date

    ONdigital announced that it is to launch its digital service on the 15th November, and also unveiled the package deals for its new service.

  23. 08-10-1998 Pace receivers launch BBC Choice digital channel

    To support the launch of the BBC's new digital TV channel, BBC Choice, Pace Micro Technology provided both the digital satellite and terrestrial receivers for the BBC, to enable a live demonstration at launch.

  24. 15-10-1998 Anthony Sethill to leave ONdigital to return to manufacturing industry

    Anthony Sethill, commercial director of ONdigital, is to leave the company. He will be succeeded by Jim Ratcliffe of Granada Home Technology, whose appointment is announced separately today. Anthony will assist in the handover until 30 November.

  25. 15-10-1998 New Commercial Director for ONdigital

    Jim Ratcliffe, managing director of Granada Home Technology, has been appointed Commercial Director of ONdigital, in succession to Anthony Sethill. He will join with immediate effect.

  26. 28-10-1998 People want to know more about ONdigital

    120,000 people have responded to ONdigital's national press advertisements, in the three weeks since ONdigital announced its programmes and pricing. This demonstrates clearly the level of interest in digital TV.

  27. 10-11-1998 CANAL+ TECHNOLOGIES and the world's first digital terrestrial television service in the United Kingdom

    The world's first digital terrestrial television service, which started broadcasting in the United Kingdom on November 15, is supported to a great extent by CANAL+ digital technology.

  28. 13-11-1998 Switching on to a TV revolution

    The UK digital television war gets underway in earnest later on Sunday.
  29. 13-11-1998 ONdigital ready for transmissiON

    ONdigital, the world's first digital pay television through an aerial, goes on air, as promised, on 15 November, less than eleven months after the grant of its licences. ONdigital brings viewers 30 of the best TV channels from the BBC, Carlton, Granada and Sky.

  30. 15-11-1998 First shots in Digital TV war

    The world's first terrestrial digital network has been launched amid criticism that customers still face delays.
  31. 15-11-1998 ONdigital launches

    ONdigital launched today, begining the world's first pay digital terrestrial television service.

  32. 16-11-1998 ONdigital takes to the air

    The first digital terrestrial television (DTT) service was launched by ONdigital yesterday, the company joint-owned by ITV groups Carlton Communications and Granada. The service was modestly unveiled by the illumination of its Crystal Palace transmitter in London.

  33. 17-11-1998 ONdigital launch weekend success

    ONdigital, the newly launched digital terrestrial pay television service reports a fantastic first forty-eight hours. Demand in the high streets for the ONdigital set-top boxes was phenomenal. Telephone lines to the company's call centre have been buzzing all weekend with over 75,000 calls since the first boxes were sold on Saturday.

  34. 20-11-1998 Nokia shows working digital terrestrial box to key audience

    Nokia demonstrated a perfect live digital picture at the Voice of the Listener and Viewer (VLV) Conference in London this week. In the depths of Hamilton House, Bloomsbury, 200 people watched a crystal clear picture received through the building's aerial and the digital set-top box, the Nokia Mediamaster 9850T.

  35. 08-12-1998 ITV stretches its digits

    Pop star Billie and footballer-turned-film star Vinnie Jones launched ITV's new digital channel on Monday.

  36. 08-12-1998 ONdigital secures tyson comeback fights

    Exclusively free live coverage of Mike Tyson's first two fights will be available only to ONdigital subscribers. ONdigital - launched on 15 November as the world's first digital pay television service through an aerial - will be the only UK broadcaster to show Tyson's heavyweight clash with South African Francois Botha free and live on January 16th from Las Vegas.