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  1. 07-01-2002 TV Travel Shop for half the day

    TV Travel Shop, SDN and ITV Select have reached an agreement to extended the broadcast hours of TV Travel Shop as of today from 06.00 - 12.00 (06.00 - 10.00 at weekends) to broadcast seven days a week 06.00 - 18.00. As a consequence it was decided to reduce the broadcast hours of ITV Select 2 to begin broadcasting at 18.00 all week instead.

  2. 11-01-2002 Best Direct on DTT

    Shopping channel Best Direct is now available on ITV Digital to subscribers of one or all of the Sky Sports channels. The shopping channel is broadcast from the closedown of Sky Sports 3 for an hour and a half after Sky Sports 3 closes, and is then broadcast again one hour and forty-five minutes before Sky Sports 3 is due to start broadcasting, only for Best Direct to close again fithteen minutes before Sky Sports 3 is due to start broadcasting.

  3. 17-01-2002 Granada Breeze to finally blow-out

    In a press release ITV Digital have confirmed that the channel Granada Breeze will no longer be broadcast to digital terrestrial after 21.00 on Thursday 31st January. Granada Men and Motors will, however, continue to broadcast on channel 31 after this date and the broadcast of this channel is not affected by the Granada Breeze closure on this platform. The closure of Granada Breeze was originally reported by DTT News on 06/12/01 as being due to take place on 07/12/01, however it is thought the delay in the channels removal was part of last-ditch talks between ITV Digital and Granada Sky Broadcasting to keep the channel available on the digital terrestrial service.

  4. 26-01-2002 ITV Select on 47

    Channel 47, former position of the now closed Wellbeing channel, has this morning started to show continuous trailers for ITV Select, with a scrolling message informing viewers to go to the ITV Select Info channel for more information, or to order a film. The trailers which are on-air 09.00 - 21.00, are likely to be broadcast until a replacement channel has joined the ITV Digital line-up.

  5. 26-01-2002 Northern Ireland gets more ITV

    The UTV2 channel (originally launched as TV-You) has now ceased broadcasting to viewers in Northern Ireland, and has been replaced by ITV2. UTV has now agreed carriage of the ITV Sport Channel on multiplex 2 in Northern Ireland, meaning the channel is now available to all ITV Digital subscribers across the UK.

  6. 31-01-2002 Two Way almost gone

    Performing a 'store channels' function now removes channel 46 (formerly Two Way TV) from the line-up. The channel, which now simply has a screen advertising ITV Active has moved to channel number 802, where it is expected to be removed from the line-up totally in the next few days.

  7. 31-01-2002 Breeze sails into sun-set

    Today at 9pm the lifestyle channel Granada Breeze closed-down for the last time after being on the digital terrestrial platform since it launched in November 1998. Currently there have been no confirmations from ITV Digital as what is likely to fill the broadcast space used by Granada Breeze. An 'add channels' now renames the channel banner from saying 'BreezeMen&Mtrs' to simply, 'men&motors'.

  8. 01-02-2002 ITN extend hours

    The ITN News Channel today extended its broadcast hours on the digital terrestrial service. The channel which used to close at 09.00 to give bandwidth to ITV Select 4 and Television X later at night, will now close at 18.00 daily. The decision was made by SDN (who have interests in ITV Select) to make ITV Select 4 start broadcasts at 19.00 as a result. Welsh viewers should note that the ITN News Channel will still close at 09.00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays due to the broadcasts of S4C2. The ITN News Channel cannot broadcast beyond 18.00 currently, due to capacity being required by TeleG for Scottish viewers between 18.00 - 19.00. The now & next service now also lists which individual newsreaders are to be on-air.

  9. 06-02-2002 New BBC channel numbers

    At midnight tonight the channel line-up will change to alter the numbers of certain BBC channels. The BBCi channel will move to channel 17, with BBC Parliament moving to channel 45. BBC Knowledge will have its banner changed to 'BBC4' (ahead of the launch of the channel) and will move to channel 10. CBBC and Cbeebies, which are currently testing will move to channels 12 and 13 ahead of their respective launches.

  10. 06-02-2002 For Adults Only 3 launch date set

    It has been confirmed to DTT News that For Adults Only 3 will launch this Thursday at 11pm. The launch of this channel means that ITV Select 1 will no-longer broadcast beyond that time.

  11. 08-02-2002 ITV Text+ closes

    After a period of nearly a year of broadcasting, the ITV Text+ service has been officially closed today. ITV Text+ has also vacated channel 16, and for a short while can be found on either channel 800 or 801 depending on your transmitter.

  12. 12-02-2002 Viewers desert ITV Digital

    Embattled digital television operation ITV Digital saw churn rise to almost 25% as subscriber growth slowed.

  13. 12-02-2002 ITV Digital on track

    ITV Digital's latest subscriber figures, published today, show growth to the end of December continuing in line with the objectives announced in April 2001.

  14. 27-02-2002 ITV Digital in crisis, owners say

    ITV Digital needs a "fundamental restructuring... as a matter of urgency" if its long-term future is to be secured, the struggling network's owners Carlton and Granada have said.

  15. 27-02-2002 Restructure of ITV Digital

    The Boards of Carlton and Granada have concluded that a fundamental restructuring of ITV Digital's cost base must be concluded as a matter of urgency in order to secure the long term future of the business. Deloitte & Touche have been appointed to assist in the implementation of this process.

  16. 12-03-2002 TV firm sues over $1bn 'piracy' loss

    French TV giant Canal Plus has opened a legal battle against a firm controlled by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp over alleged software piracy which may have allowed millions of viewers to watch paid-for TV for free.

  17. 22-03-2002 ITV Digital 'braced for collapse'

    ITV Digital faces collapse unless the Football League agree to renegotiate its £315m contract with the ailing service, reports have said.
  18. 27-03-2002 ITV Digital goes broke

    ITV Digital, the crisis-hit UK broadcaster, has been put into administration following a High Court order.
  19. 27-03-2002 ITV Digital's own goal

    ITV Digital was forced into administration when it lacked the cash to pay the Football League what it had promised in a contract.
  20. 27-03-2002 Administration orders made by the high court in relation to ITV Digital

    Administration orders have been made by the High Court in relation to ITV Digital PLC and ITV Digital Services Limited. Deloitte & Touche partners Nick Dargan and Nick Edwards have been appointed as administrators.
  21. 27-03-2002 ITC responds to ITV Digital announcement

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) notes the statement issued today by the Board of ITV Digital and the appointment of Deloitte and Touche as administrators.

  22. 28-03-2002 ITV Digital woes bring football crisis

    The Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has said that now is the moment to sort out the unstable finances of the UK's football clubs.
  23. 08-04-2002 Last four hours to Shop!

    The first ever digital terrestrial shopping channel, Shop! will finally go on-air at 12pm only to close its doors for business at 4pm this afternoon. The channel, originally broadcasting from multiplex D and on channel 36 as a "bonus" for ONdigital subscribers. It was moved in the autumn of 1999 to multiplex A and channel 19, whereby it became free-to-air at the same time.

  24. 09-04-2002 Picking up ITV Digital's pieces

    ITV Digital may not have gone bust, but to judge from the widespread speculation about what may happen if and when it does, most people seem to think its insolvency is inevitable.
  25. 09-04-2002 QVC to replace Shop!

    At 10pm this evening the screen informing viewers that Shop! has closed was replaced by one stating that QVC will begin at 9am tomorrow morning. The image is also accompanied by a selection of short classical tunes. QVC will be the fifth shopping channel to launch in the UK's digital terrestrial broadcast history.

  26. 10-04-2002 QVC commence broadcasts

    At 9am QVC commenced broadcasts on the digital terrestrial service for the first time.

  27. 11-04-2002 The ITV Digital backlash

    ITV Digital's problems have provoked predictably gloomy reactions.
  28. 14-04-2002 ITV Digital 'set for reprieve'

    Failed pay TV service ITV Digital is to be given one more week to strike a life-saving deal over football broadcasting rights, according to press reports.
  29. 15-04-2002 ITV Digital gets extra time

    Stricken pay-TV company ITV Digital has been given an extra week by the High Court to reach agreement with the Football League.
  30. 15-04-2002 High Court delays call centre fate

    The future of 900 jobs in ITV Digital's call centre in west Wales is set to remain uncertain for at least a further seven days.
  31. 18-04-2002 League considers ITV Digital offer

    The chairmen of Football League's 72 clubs meet in Manchester on Thursday to consider the latest offer from ITV Digital to settle their dispute.
  32. 19-04-2002 Hopes rise for ITV Digital deal

    Hopes have risen that the Football League and the owners of ITV Digital may be able to reach a deal to save the stricken broadcaster.
  33. 22-04-2002 Workers await fate in ITV Digital sale

    Hundreds of call centre workers for ITV Digital in west Wales are still waiting to hear about the future of their jobs after administrators announced the company is to be sold.
  34. 22-04-2002 D-Day for ITV Digital

    Administrators for stricken broadcaster ITV Digital are set to announce within hours whether it is to be sold off or saved.
  35. 22-04-2002 ITV Digital up for sale

    Attempts to keep ITV Digital's head above water by renegotiating its deals with the Football League and others have failed.
  36. 22-04-2002 ITV Select suspends broadcasts

    At 22:00 tonight, ITV Select 1-4 and the ITV Select Info Channel in addition to the ITV Select promos on channel 47 went off-air. Channel 47 is currently displaying the Al and Monkey testcard, whilst some of the channels, including the For Adults Only channels started to display a black screen with white text stating that "This service will not be transmitting for the time being". ITV Select 5 and ITV Sport Select continue to display their usual MHEG5 off-air screens. All pay-per-view ordering information from the ITV Select EPG has been removed.

  37. 23-04-2002 What next for ITV Digital?

    So who might buy ITV Digital?
  38. 23-04-2002 Buyers circle ITV Digital

    Possible buyers have begun circling ITV Digital, administrators for the collapsed broadcaster have told BBC News Online.
  39. 23-04-2002 ITV Select end broadcasts

    ITV Select's channels are now broadcasting a screen stating the current situation rather more definitely than last night, 'This service has ceased transmission' This screen is currently show in very low MPEG bitrate on channels 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54. Channels 55 has a much higher quality MHEG version of screen. The For Adults Only channels have their own MHEG screens.
  40. 25-04-2002 ITC statement on ITV Digital

    Following the announcement from Deloitte and Touche that the Administrator intends to undertake a short term sale process for ITV Digital's business assets, the Independent Television Commission (ITC) issued the following statement on Thursday, April 25.

  41. 25-04-2002 BBC reassures digital viewers

    The BBC has dismissed speculation that its digital channels could lose one million viewers if ITV Digital is taken off air.
  42. 25-04-2002 ITV Digital close to meltdown

    The UK's ailing pay-TV network ITV Digital is on the verge of being broken up, after the firm's court-appointed administrators ran out of money to keep the company going.
  43. 26-04-2002 'Keep working' plea to ITV Digital staff

    Nine hundred staff at an ITV Digital call centre in west Wales have been told to try and carry on working as normal despite fears for their jobs if the company is broken up for sale.
  44. 26-04-2002 ITV Digital briefing for MPs

    Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell is to make a statement to MPs about the ITV Digital crisis.
  45. 26-04-2002 ITV Digital wins breathing space

    Ailing pay-TV service ITV Digital will keep broadcasting over the weekend, with coverage of the Football League play-offs to go ahead as planned.
  46. 30-04-2002 ITC to re-advertise ITV Digital licences

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) today, April 30, confirmed that the Administrator had surrendered the three multiplex service licences currently in the name of ITV Digital.

  47. 30-04-2002 ITV Digital to go off-air

    For the first time in over three years, ITV Digital, originally launched as ONdigital, will begin to close for good at 7am tomorrow. The administrators, Deloitte & Touche, have issued a statement saying that the service has had to be closed because there has been; "Insufficient interest shown from prospective purchasers to justify a continuation of the operation." Due to ITV Digital's closure, the three licences used by the company will have to be returned to the ITC. The ITC will advertise the licences from tomorrow morning, and by Wednesday 12th June 2002, they will make licence awards for the three multiplexes. Children's channel Nickelodeon, displayed an orange banner once the news of closure was made public, and so are MTV, advising viewers the channels would not be available tomorrow. The ITV Sport Channel is speculated to continue broadcasting, but free for all digital terrestrial viewers, until the 1st Division playoffs have been completed.
  48. 30-04-2002 Last rites for ITV Digital awaited

    Most people were convinced that the last rites were finally about to be read last Thursday evening, when the administrators announced that Carlton and Granada would not invest any more and ITV Digital had run out of money.
  49. 30-04-2002 ITV Digital: Where did it all go wrong?

    So it's over. ITV Digital, launched on the dream of challenging Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB, has pulled the plug.
  50. 01-05-2002 Axe falls on ITV Digital staff

    More than 1,000 people at the ITV Digital call centre in Pembroke Dock have lost their jobs following the collapse of the company.
  51. 01-05-2002 BBC launch i-bar

    The BBC today launched the BBCi bar on the DTT platform. The bar which has been testing on DTT for sometime can be accessed though the text button on your remote. The i-bar service allows easy access to now/next infomation, weather, lottery, news updates in the lower third of the on screen and the main service can be accessed at any time by selecting Blue. In a related story, the press red banner on BBC News 24 has gone and been repaced with a small press red button in the top right of the screen, linking to the news pages.
  52. 01-05-2002 Channels come to a close

    As expected at 7am, all channels on the three ITV Digital multiplexes came to a close. They have been replaced by a screen from ITV Digital, informing viewers of the service's closure. Most of the 24 hour channels where turned-off just after 6.57am, making Carlton Cinema the last subscription channel to be turned off. Meanwhile, E4 and FilmFour, from multiplex 2, still remain broadcasting.

  53. 01-05-2002 The fallout from ITV Digital's collapse

    Launched amidst much ballyhoo and bravado, ITV digital's pay-TV services vanished from our screens after the administrator threw in the towel and admitted that nobody wanted to buy this deeply flawed business.
  54. 01-05-2002 BBC feels effects of digital saga

    The ITV Digital crisis has sent shock-waves around the media world - including the BBC, which sees its future in digital broadcasting.
  55. 01-05-2002 Race to find digital broadcaster

    An urgent search has begun for a buyer of a licence to broadcast digital terrestrial television in the UK.

  56. 02-05-2002 TV Travel Shop for longer

    Holiday shopping channel, TV Travel Shop has taken advantage of ITV Select's closure by making a deal with SDN for the channel to be broadcast 24 hours a day, rather than the previous 6am - 6pm arrangement. The on-screen now/next information has yet to be updated with extended listings information for the channel, though this should change in the next few days. As a consequence of TV Travel Shop being broadcast 24 hours, ITV Select 2 now its close-down screen broadcast in MHEG5 around the clock.

  57. 02-05-2002 Top man at ITV quits

    The chief executive of ITV, Stuart Prebble, has resigned.
  58. 02-05-2002 ITV Digital wind down operations

    The blue screens transmitted yesterday after each ITV Digital channel closed yesterday have been removed from all channels, leaving just black screens along with a message saying, "Please direct all enquiries to 0870 600 9696" .
  59. 03-05-2002 ITV Sport to go off air

    The ITV Sport channel is to close on 11 May following the collapse of ITV Digital.

  60. 03-05-2002 ITV Active / ONmail carry on

    The ITV Active service still remains in operation, despite ITV Digital closing all channels at 7am yesterday. The ITV Active homepage has also returned this evening, after being removed on Tuesday afternoon. ONmail, which was due for closure on 18th April, is still in service, with all set-top-box access available, except for the new email icon, which cannot be transmitted due to the closure of all channels on the ITV Digital multiplexes.

  61. 04-05-2002 Respite for some ITV Digital staff

    There are crumbs of comfort for some of the 1,000 ITV Digital call centre workers made redundant in west Wales.
  62. 11-05-2002 ITV Sport Channel shuts down

    Just before 4pm this afternoon, the ITV Sport Channel closed down for the last time, after launching only nine months ago to this day. The channel is currently broadcasting a notice stating that it has closed.

  63. 15-05-2002 Battling on after ITV Digital's demise

    The argument between the Football League and ITV Digital's owners over millions of pounds of TV cash could be heading for the High Court as soon as next month.
  64. 16-05-2002 ITC confirms expressions of interest

    The ITC today (May 16) confirmed that it has received a number of expressions of interest following the retendering of the three digital terrestrial multiplex licences formerly owned by ITV Digital.

  65. 18-05-2002 Television X ceases DTT broadcasting

    The 'adult entertainment' channel, Television X has ceased broadcasting on the digital terrestrial service, this is despite now/next information still being transmitted for the channel, as well as the usual off-air screen inviting people to subscribe to the channel.

  66. 20-05-2002 RHS Chelsea Flower Show interactive

    The BBC's coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has gone interactive for the first time! To access the service goto BBC One, Two, Choice, Four, News 24, CBBC or CBeebies and press [Text] followed by [Select].
  67. 21-05-2002 DTT: extension to deadline

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) has received requests from some of those who have expressed an interest in the multiplex digital terrestrial licences to extend the deadline for tender applications.

  68. 22-05-2002 ONmail no-longer available on boxes

    The ONmail service is now no-longer accessible via set-top-boxes, with any attempt made to connect to the phone-line failing. However, the service is still working from the old ONdigital website.
  69. 22-05-2002 ITV Select channels removed

    Around a month after the ITV Select and For Adults Only TV services had suspended broadcasting, this evening the channel information for them had finally stopped being transmitted from the SDN multiplex. Performing a 'store channels' will remove the channels from your line-up.

  70. 24-05-2002 Channel 4 suspend pay services

    Today Channel 4 suspended broadcasts of FilmFour on E4 on the digital terrestrial platform. The channels are currently displaying a message advising viewers to call 0800 064 4114 to continue watching the channel through digital satellite or cable. It is expected, however, that the two channels will resume broadcasting if Channel 4 are able to come to an agreement with any of the future licensees of multiplexes B, C or D.

  71. 01-06-2002 ITN cut broadcast hours

    The ITN News Channel has reverted back to broadcasting on a 05.30 - 09.00 basis, instead of broadcasting until 18.00 as it had done for the past few months. The move has almost certainly quashed rumours that the channel was negotiating with SDN for 24 hour broadcast carriage.

  72. 13-06-2002 Does digital terrestrial have a future?

    The number of parties interested in the available "multiplex" licences suggests there is definitely a viable future for digital terrestrial television (DTT).

  73. 13-06-2002 ITV and Channel 4 confirm free-to-air DTT Licence Applications

    ITV and Channel 4 today confirmed that they have made joint applications to the Independent Television Commission (ITC) for the Multiplex Service Licences B and C.

  74. 13-06-2002 Top TV firms scramble for licences

    The BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are among the firms to have submitted bids for the digital terrestrial television licences left by collapsed ITV Digital.

  75. 04-07-2002 DTA statement relating to the ITC's award of digital terrestrial television licences

    A spokesman for the Digital Terrestrial Alliance (DTA) said:

    "The DTA bid brought together the most attractive free to air channel line-up with an optional upgrade to pay. We remain convinced that digital customers want the option of a pay-TV upgrade and that our proposed combination of an extended free-to-air offering, including channels from all the UK's leading broadcasters, and a modestly priced, 'lite' pay-TV package represented the best chance of success for DTT."
  76. 04-07-2002 Box confusion persists

    The BBC's digital terrestrial bid has exposed the uncertainty still surrounding the fate of more than one million set-top boxes left over from the collapsed ITV Digital.
  77. 04-07-2002 ITC announces decision on digital terrestrial television

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) announced today (Thursday, July 4) that it has made a conditional decision to award Multiplex Service Licence B to the BBC and Multiplex Service Licences C and D to Crown Castle.

  78. 08-07-2002 Digital TV woes hit Pace profits

    Pace Micro Technology, the UK television set-top box maker, has unveiled sharply lower sales and profits, blaming "difficult" conditions in the digital TV market.

  79. 09-08-2002 ITC consults on options for change in DTT transmission

    The ITC is today (Friday 8 August) inviting comments on options for change in the transmission mode for digital terrestrial television (DTT).

  80. 16-08-2002 ITC grants DTT licences to the BBC and Crown Castle

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) has today (Friday, August 16) granted the digital terrestrial television (DTT) Multiplex Service Licence B to the BBC and Multiplex Service Licences C and D to Crown Castle.

  81. 19-08-2002 BBC names digital service

    The BBC is to call its new digital TV service, which launches in the autumn, Freeview.

  82. 04-09-2002 ITV Digital monkey under the hammer

    There was a time when a knitted monkey came free if you bought an ITV Digital package. But once the administrators and auctioneers moved into the failed pay-TV company's old headquarters, the tables were turned.

  83. 04-09-2002 Collapsed ITV Digital sells off monkeys

    Knitted replica monkeys are being auctioned off in south London with other assets belonging to the collapsed ITV Digital network.

  84. 20-09-2002 ITC Reaches interim decision on DTT transmission mode

    The Independent Television Commission (ITC) is today amending its technical standards to authorise those digital broadcasters who wish to broadcast in '16-QAM' transmission mode to press ahead. This follows the readvertising of licences for three digital terrestrial multiplexes and the success of tenders based on the '16-QAM' transmission mode.

  85. 30-09-2002 Freeview tests

    Three test channels had appeared on this day, one on each of the multiplexes B, C and D. The channels appeared on most set-top boxes as blue screens, however, the Pace DTVA instead display black screens.
  86. 17-10-2002 ITV Digital PLC renamed to ONdigital 1998 PLC

    ITV Digital PLC is renamed to ONdigital 1998 PLC, a day before the company goes into liquidation.

  87. 18-10-2002 ITV Digital put into liquidation

    ITV Digital, the failed pay-TV service, has been placed into liquidation, leaving behind debts of about £1.25bn ($1.9bn).

  88. 29-10-2002 Third time lucky for Freeview?

    When Britain's digital terrestrial television network first launched almost exactly four years ago the occasion was marked in spectacular style.
  89. 10-12-2002 Viewers told to return set-top boxes

    Former ITV Digital subscribers are to be asked to return their set-top boxes, or pay £39.99 to keep them.